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ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelorette

Updated on April 27, 2012


Love | Source

The Bachelor and Bachelorette

My husband hears me complain about how ridiculous ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelorette are season after season. Then, he notices me watching it again. I think he might be starting to question my sanity.

I began watching the Bachelor on the first season. This show has the worst track record for successful relationships. I am afraid to say how many couples are still together as I might date this hub before I even publish it. When you see that another couple broke up, you think, “Yup. That seems about right!”

I got hooked on this show early. I have been watching since the first season. I watched the season that they started with 2 bachelors and voted one of THEM off to start with! They have tried keeping it fresh, but the premise is the same. There are a group of strangers fighting for the love of another stranger. But, all of them believe they are meant to be together. That is where the reality ends!

But, there is something almost magical about this idea of finding your love on a whirl wind reality show.

Sometimes I question my own judgment.

How do I spend 2 hours of my free or down time watching this? These are hours of my life that I will never get back! You might find this hub a bit sarcastic, but if you watch the show, too, you will 100% see where I am coming from.

There are 5 types of quotes/thoughts that explain why I think this show is crazy.

I also have 5 reasons to explain why my DVR still includes both on lists of show to watch.


“I Am Really a Nice Girl. The Other Girls Brought This Side Out of Me!”

Saying something mean or conniving one time can be the result of pressure from being on the show or their budding relationship. We have all said something that we should not have. Chronic defamation of character followed by an, “I’m Sorry!” insults my intelligence. I am thrilled when we get to the Final Rose Ceremony and I like both girls. I think this is the time that he/she will find true love. My husband is shocked when I say, “I really like them both. I hope either one will win!” I prefer these seasons.

Villains add controversy, but enough already!

The Cliff!

Cliffs | Source

“I Am Afraid of Heights. If We Jump Off This Cliff Together, I Know We Will Be Able to Overcome Anything as a Couple!”

Why must the producers only cast people with fear of sharks or heights? They are chosen for dates forcing them to overcome this fear. They both weep together, holding hands, as they have overcome this fear together. Their relationship has moved to the next level as a result. It is this mindset that reminds me that there should be more thorough psychological screening for this show.


Helicopter | Source

“Oh My! A Helicopter Ride?”

I have yet to create statistics on this show, but don’t worry, there is always next season. I ponder how many dates involve helicopters? How many times does he/she say they were so surprised that they got to go on a helicopter ride? So you are huddled together with giant headsets on, holding hands, yelling over the sound of the engines. I do enjoy getting to see the exotic locations better from the chopper….so thanks for that!

Heaven forbid the ‘scared of heights’ girl is on this date!

“This Is Like a Fairy Tale!”

Sweetheart, this is a fairy tale. No one goes on these exotic date locations after spending the day sitting in a hot tub drinking. Most of us have jobs. We are tired at the end of the day. We haven’t been working on our tans or brainstorming who is the best match for their suitor. These are not real life dates. I think on one season, one of the Bachelors/Bachelorettes was sick. for one of the dates. They decided to stay in and cook dinner together and talk. That is a real date.


The single red rose
The single red rose | Source

“Ladies, This Is the Final Rose”

I have even read that Chris Harrison is quoted as saying he cringes while saying this. I was not a math major, but I can count. He said he was giving out 5 roses tonight. 4 girls are smiling, holding onto the treasured rose. 2 are debating between giving him the evil eye or mopey eyes. Of course there is only one rose left. It is sitting there on that tray!

The Bachelor and Bachelorette's Redeeming Side

Now that you have seen some of the chronic, ridiculous things this series does year in and year out, let’s look at why I still watch ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

True Love

Engagement | Source

I Am Actually a Hopeless Romantic

I enjoy seeing people finding love at the end of a show. I rooted for Belle and the Beast to get together.

“For who can fall in love with a Beast?”

Belle can and she is doing it right now! Look beyond his lion like body and claws! Go Belle!

I love the idea that 2 people who decided to put their lives on hold for a few weeks/months have been brought together by chance. This is the season that won’t annoy me. This is the season where the villain is revealed the first night and sent packing! Maybe THIS is the season where they find true love.

Destination Vacations

I am a little jealous of the traveling they do. I love to travel. I now stay at home with my 5 kids. Exotic locations are not in my cards right now. I am living vicariously through them! I don’t care that they aren’t meant to be together. I like watching them explore new parts of the world. Sometimes, their fairy tale comments aren’t completely silly. They are sitting on a hill side overlooking a majestic landscape with someone they think they could love. I believe that is a fairy tale.

Holding Hands

Holding Hands
Holding Hands | Source

They Are Putting Themselves Out There

Granted, this is not a proven method of finding love, but these hopefuls are trying. Who doesn’t want to find the person to spend the rest of their lives with? Who doesn’t want to have a real life fairy tale? Who doesn’t want to rally for their favorite contender to see them win the prize? I have to admit. I want to see people happy.

Episodes of the Bachelor

This Is Mindless TV and That is OK!

I enjoy winding down to meaningless shows. I am on the go with my kids and thinking all day. I have to balance my DVR's to do list carefully. I strive for a nice balance of comedy, intrigue and mindless reality TV. I can follow the dramatic series building upon itself. I put in my 6 years or so to see what happened on Lost! I am not a reality show junkie, but I do have some to which I enjoy decompressing.

Who Will The Bachelor Or Bachelorette Pick?

You watch the season and see the girls sent home without a rose. You rooted for them and now they are in the back of the limo sobbing, mascara all over. You wonder, maybe she will be picked next? She wasn’t right for him anyhow! Maybe she will find love next time. I am sure they will pick the right 25 guys for her. In the pool of suited men, they will have been able to find her true love. It will work this time!

Before you think I am just wasting my life away watching this show, rest assured and I told you this….I tape it. I can fast forward through the dates I don’t want to watch. I can arrange for those rose ceremonies to last a minute or so, not 10. That 2 hour show can easily only be 40 minutes. Less of my life has been wasted than you think!

So, they are taping next season of the Bachelorette. I have seen pictures of where the boys are staying. We already fell in love with the Bachelorette a few seasons ago. My DVR is set. This time it will work! I just know it! This show is where fairy tales are made!

Or, maybe the season after that?

© 2012 Karen Lackey

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    • twinstimes2 profile image

      Karen Lackey 6 years ago from Ohio

      Exactly, Karey! Thanks for reading!

    • profile image

      Karey 6 years ago

      Im a bachelor/ bachelorette junkie too karen! And I've had so many of the same thoughts as you! Mindless television at its best!