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Why Pawn Stars is great

Updated on August 9, 2010

Pawn Stars on History Channel

If you do not already know pawn stars is a reality TV show on the history channel. You can also find it on "on demand" where I primarily watch it. Its a reality TV show, but this one is actually good. Its not just one of those stereotypical teen shows where they fight and complain all the time. I don't really even like calling it a reality TV show even though technically it is. The shows premise is about a pawn shop taken care by Rick Harrison along with his son and the "old man". The shop is located in Las Vegas. People come in the shop with different antiques or things of historical value. There's a lot of interesting things brought on the show. Appraisers and historical advisers will often come in on the show to help authenticate the item to see if its real or not.

You can see items such as old civil war rifles,pistols,baseball cards,comics,guitars, and a lot of other miscellaneous stuff. A lot of items dating back to hundreds of years ago. Sometime it can be old collectibles from the 1930s. Sometimes the pawn stars even buy cars and planes! Its pretty cool. Theirs a lot of different things people bring in. A lot of times people on the show always want more money, but rick always tells them he has to buy it and resell. Sometimes people will bring in a bow,old firearm, and they go and test it out on the show. I found this pretty interesting. There was one episode where they bought an old Mortar and fired it on the show. They have to make sure and test firearms to see if their safe and they work properly.

Pawn Stars characters/employees

What I think makes the show more interesting is chumlee. He is a big guy with a lot of tattoos. He often cracks jokes and the old man, rick, and his son can be seen arguing a lot. I don't know if the show is scripted or not, but it can be pretty funny a lot of times. Their always knocking each other on the show. They might have an old civil war rifle and tell chumlee to shoot it to make sure it safe and does not blow up.

Then you have Rick who is usually the one you see who will make deals with people. A lot of different people come in with all kinds of different stuff. You can learn quite a lot cause rick and the historical advisers always come in and talk about it. I love it when an old revolver comes in or some kind of antique armor. When he buys something he also goes to this guy that refurbishes old antiques. Its pretty cool cause he always makes old stuff from years ago look brand new.

The old man and ricks son also make transactions on the show sometimes. You can also see ricks son "big hoss" always knocking on chumlee all the time. I think the show is scripted, but nonetheless the show is still very good. You never know what items are going to be brought in and sold. Some things on the show sell for 1000s. This one guy guy sold a gold bar for over 10,000 dollars!

Pawn stars is definitely a show to check out. Its always different and you never know whats going to be on the show. A lot of times they get historical weapons and go out and shoot them. I think this type of reality show is good. Its in a different class then other ones. Its a pretty interesting show and you can learn a thing or two. I think there shop probably gets a ton of business now that this show is on the history channel. Many people from other states most likely want to visit it some day after watching it. They even make Pawn Stars merchandise.


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    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Yeah I love this show. I know a lot is probably scripted, but regardless, it has interesting items they bring in. I watch it on on demand(not full access) when new episodes are available.

      Sometimes they buy cars or planes. That's pretty crazy for a pawn shop lol!

    • Lifeallstar1 profile image

      Lifeallstar1 6 years ago

      Wow! I was reading some of your Black Ops hubs for tips then noticed this hub! I thought I was the only one to notice this awesome show! I recently stumbled across it and I was instantly hooked. I watched all of Season 3 on demand that they have available so far. The next one will be a new episode this Monday at 10pm EST. I loved the show so much that I watched other seasons of the show that they run marathons of every few days or so, and I even bought the complete seasons 1 and 2 on DVD just the other day. I bought copies for my grandfather, as well, because he loves Antique Roadshow and this show is kind of like that but 100 times better! It's entertaining in so many ways like you learn and see interesting items plus the personalities of these guys make you want to come back for more! I hope anyone that see's this hub will watch this show even one time because they will be hooked. Great show and great hub! Jess