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Why People Love YouTuber, Tana Mongeau

Updated on September 28, 2017

The Girl Everyone Is Talking About

Tana Mongeau is the kind of person you can't help but pay attention to. She may only be a teenager (as of the writing of this article). but she's done so many things in her lifetime that she has more experiences than many forty year olds.

Tana Mongeau may be young, but she's outspoken and mature for her age. Sure, she makes bad choices sometimes, but that's what makes her more entertaining and more human. She also learns from her experiences and tries to share what she learns with others.

She's taken the internet by storm. Here are some of the reasons why people love Tana Mongeau.

#1 She's Lived An Exciting Life

Although I've gone through some hard times in my life, it's unlikely I will ever write out my biography because I am boring. I love to read books and watch TV. I love staying home on a Friday night and stability. Tana Mongeau is the opposite, that's why she's so interesting to listen to.

Because she's so adventurous, she's gotten herself into some bizarre and insane situations. She's also a very honest person, so she's more than willing to share all of the details with people who will listen. She doesn't try to rewrite history. She admits it when she makes dumb decisions.

This girls seems to need to learn everything the hard way and that makes her so entertaining.

#2 Whenever Something Can Go Wrong, It Always Does For Her

Most people wish their lives were easier, but when it comes to stories, we wish for the opposite. We want to hear stories of frustration and pain, we want to hear people struggling and conquering huge obstacles. We want to hear people getting into trouble as they make serious mistakes in life. In order to hear stories like that, things must go wrong for the main person in the story.

Things always go wrong for Tana Mongeau. If she thinks someone is stalking her, they always are. If she thinks someone might have slipped something into her drink, they always did. If she thinks it's going be hard to retrieve something like a package (like it was in this video), then that's always the case.

Tana Mongeau has had a lot of fun in her lifetime, but she's also been through some really hard stuff. Her willingness to open up about embarrassing things and talk about low points in her life make her an addicting person to watch.

#3 She's Controversial

Tana Mongeau is willing to talk about anything that happens to her and anything she thinks about. She's willing to argue with people through her videos, even when she knows the backlash is going to be intense. She's not afraid to upset people and be controversial.

There's something that draws us all to controversial people, that draws us to people who are willing to take a stand and do things like talk about a nail place stealing someone's debit card and a thousand dollars from them. The reason this nail place got away with it for so long is so few people were willing to actually confront them about it, but Tana didn't care.

Even when we disagree with someone and their controversial position, it can be hard not to watch them because it's interesting to see someone be so brave and honest about their thoughts on a place like the internet where the backlash for such things is severe.

#4 She Admits Her Mistakes And Wants To Help People Not Make The Same Mistakes

Some people might think Tana Mongeau is a bad influence for teenagers, but I disagree. The truth is a lot of teenagers face the same temptations she always talks about-partying, sleeping around, drinking, and drugs without watching Tana Mongeau. When adults talk to them about those temptations, teenagers usually tune the adults out because they see adults as so much older and out of touch when it comes to what it's like to be a teenager. Even when adults try to use the right words or try to use pop references to make their points, most teenagers see these things as corny and embarrassing.

But Tana Mongeau is around their same age and she did all the stupid things they might be tempted to do. She can talk to teenagers at their level and she'll usually urge them not to be as stupid as she is. Her stories are fascinating, so they don't come off as lectures when she tells teenagers not to make the same bad choices at the end of them. They are fun to listen to, but there also is often a lesson at the end of them and she has just enough of a glamorous young life for teenagers to want to pay attention to what she has to say.

#5 She's An Amazing Storyteller

This story, about a "murdered love one", is absolutely ridiculous and dumb, but because Tana Mongeau knows how to tell a story well, it is interesting. The real story is about her purse, a purse that got broken that she wound up being unable to fix and how devastated she was because it was her favorite purse.

I don't care about designer purses. They are a pretty shallow thing to be devastated over, but her story was still fascinating and kept me listening and sympathizing with her because she's that good.

She's the Queen of Story Time on Youtube. If you don't like her Story Time videos, you probably won't like anyone's.

#6 She Doesn't (Usually) Post Clickbait Because Her Life Actually Is Crazy

A lot of Story Time videos on youtube wind up being disappointments. They'll be titled something like,"I shot my mother in the face" and you'll click it thinking it's about someone shooting their mother in the face with a pistol, but the reality is they were just talking about a squirt gun. They'll act overdramatic about it, be overdramatic about how upset their parent was about it as well, and although you'll listen you'll wind up feeling disappointed because you wanted to listen to something juicy and the story turned out to be something average.

Doing this is called "click bait." It means giving something average a shocking title so a bunch of people will click on it and watch/read it.

Tana Mongeau doesn't do this almost ever. When the title of her video is "My Stalker Almost Murdered Me", the story is actually about how her stalker almost murdered her. She has a genuinely crazy life, so she doesn't have to rely on click bait to come up with the titles of her videos, she just uses the truth instead and that's crazy enough to get people clicking on all of her stuff.

#7 She Is Ridiculously Confident Without Being Conceited

Tana Mongeau seems to be one of the rare people in the world who have healthy self-esteem. She's confident enough to handle all the negative comments she gets on Youtube and not let it destroy her self-esteem, but she's also humble enough to admit that she makes mistakes and talk about them.

Not a lot of people could handle the pressure and attention she receives from the world through all the views she gets on Youtube and the gossip blogs. To top it all off, she's still a teenager (as of the writing of this article) and still somehow has a better self-esteem than a lot of much older people who couldn't handle any of the things she goes through being an internet celebrity.


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