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Why Prince William and Prince Harry Drive Their Wives to Private Events

Updated on December 23, 2018
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She writes articles about the royals.

You might have noticed that Prince William and Prince Harry do not rely on chauffeurs to drive them and their wives to parties and private events. Royal experts explain the logical reasons the brothers drive themselves instead of relying on chauffeurs during those particular times.

Reasons to Drive Themselves

There are very good reasons both Prince William and Prince Harry drive their wives in their own cars to private parties and events. The brothers use every opportunity to do normal things when they are not on royal duties. They try to be as private as possible when attending parties and personal events. Both princes love to drive, but they do not get to do it very often. When they get the chance to do so, they are all smiles.

We also see the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex smiling through the windshield as they sit in the front seat beside their husbands.

The royal brothers drive their own cars instead of riding together even though they sometimes go to the same place.

The royals are always driven to where they have to go when they are on official business, but they have the freedom to drive themselves when they attend private parties, events, and family affairs.

What the Public Sees

Last November, the two couples attended Prince Charles' 70th birthday celebration at Buckingham Palace. It was a private affair and not an official occasion.

Some people on social media were upset because they wanted to see what the duchesses were wearing. Instead of seeing the usual head to toe photos of the fashionable women in their formal dresses, the public only saw head shots of the women through the car windows. What was shown were the hairstyles and their statement earrings.

Prince Harry Driving to Celebrate Christmas with Royal Family

What the Public Doesn't See

Even though the public has seen the four royals in their cars, there is something people don't see. They don't see the security on the road with them. Even though they are going to private events instead of being on official duty, the brothers are never alone on the open highway in London without some security.

There are always at least two cars driving close. Also, each brother always has an armed officer in the vehicle with them. That person is never photographed. Therefore, the couples appear to be alone.

Prince William is driving.
Prince William is driving.

Duncan Larcombe, a biographer of Prince Harry who previously served as a royal correspondent for The Sun, shared that the younger royals see driving as a way to add a little normalcy to their busy lives.

Going to private affairs is a good time for them to drive themselves instead of having chauffeurs driving them around. It is their way to be as independent as much as possible.

Queen Elizabeth still drives at 92 years old.
Queen Elizabeth still drives at 92 years old. | Source

Other Royal Drivers

Prince William and Prince Harry aren't the only royals who drive when they get the chance. The 92-year-old Queen of England is known to still get behind the wheel. She learned to drive back in 1947. Queen Elizabeth has been spotted driving a very old Land Rover around her estate in Scotland during the summer. She once drove herself home from church in her Jaguar.

As far as a driver's license is concerned, she doesn't need one. She is the only person who can drive around England without a license. Neither does she need plates on her private cars.

Prince Philip has also been seen driving when he was not on official business.

Other Times Prince William and Prince Harry Did the Driving

Other than seeing the brothers drive their wives to events, everyone who follows the British royal family has seen Prince William drive his wife and their newborns from the hospital three different times.

The public watched as he carefully put the same car seat in place for Prince George who is now five years old, Princess Charlotte, who is three years old, and Prince Louis, who was born last April.

On May 19, 2018, millions watched as Prince Harry escorted his new bride to his car, opened the door for her and they drove off to their evening wedding reception hosted by his father, Prince Charles. Meghan waved to onlookers while wearing an aquamarine cocktail ring from Princess Diana's jewelry collection.

Before they were married, Prince Harry was also pictured driving Meghan to Pippa Middleton's wedding reception.

The one thing that all these examples have in common is that they were not trips to official royal engagements. They were private affairs for the royals' enjoyment.

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