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Why You Should Get A Cheap Ukulele Under 50 Dollars

Updated on June 19, 2012

Getting a musical instrument is a step a lot of people are considering but avoid because of a lack of musical theory or musical abilities. The good advantage about the ukulele is that none of that matters. The instrument is so fun and easy to play, you do not have to know how to play the piano in order to play and sing a song.

Of course, you will not be playing like Jake Shimabukuro (see video) in a day but there is a better chance to play a song with 3 chords in 10 minutes than learning the flute or the guitar.

Although it is an instrument, people usually try to get a ukulele for cheap and for 50 dollars, they can get something decent. People should remember that a ukulele is an instrument and that most of the time, if they want a good one, they will have to invest in it. No one will look for a new 20 or 50-dollar-guitar if they want a good sounding one. It is not because the ukulele is smaller that it should cost less.

Truth is, guitars are more easily found because more people play the guitar compared to the ukulele. So because there are less instruments on the market, they will cost more than a guitar for sure.

The good thing is that some established ukulele companies have noticed an interest in the ukulele. Because of that, they have created good ukulele for beginners at very good prices. For about 50 dollars, one should get a soprano Makala ukulele with a gigbag and a tuner. If they can spend a little more, I would also recommend to buy some Aquila strings to get a better sound but that is not mandatory.

A tuner is very important because that is what will make your ukulele sound just the right tune. Most of them are about 10 to 15 dollars and you can also get a free application on your smartphone if you do not want to invest in one right away.

The gigbag will keep your instrument from getting scratched when going outside like at the beach or the park. Plus it will protect it when you will not be playing.

For information, Jake Shimabukuro plays a custom-made Kamaka tenor ukulele and uses D'addario strings and a lot of passion for the ukulele.


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