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Why Should You Watch The Walking Dead (AMC’s #NO 1) TV Show?

Updated on August 6, 2016

If you have never watched The Walking Dead, you don't know what you're missing! It is by far the best show I've ever seen. It's filled with the action, violence and zombies of course and will definitely keep you on your toes.

Let me start by giving you a brief summary about AMC's #No1 TV Show…

The Walking Dead is about a Cop who wakes up from a coma in a zombie apocalypse, who was separated from his family and his number one goal is to get back to them. By the time, he finds them and his whole new extended family; he realizes the world has changed drastically. He becomes the leader of a group and later the group searches for safety and a place to call home.


The Makeup Artist of The Walking Dead

The makeup artist for the show, do an amazing job on the zombies or Walkers as they are called. They are missing skin and arms or legs have bones or maybe intestines hanging out, have their faces gone exposing discolored teeth.

In each and every new season, you can see more gurgling walkers.


What a Walker or a Zombie Really is?

A walker or a zombie is a dead human (undead humans), who walks on the roads or empty places. In order to kill a walker, you have to stab or shoot them in the head.

The Group Kills Walkers to Survive…

So the group has gotten really good at using weapons like knives, a katana, crossbow and guns. They have to be sure to kill the Walkers without being bitten. If that happens at best, they will lose a limb… at worst becomes a zombie themselves.

But, do you think walkers are the only thing we have to worry about?

No… there's also finding food and a safe place to sleep and dealing with other people who are by far the worst when there's a crisis. That's what people do desperate things and some people are just downright evil. In this show, any beloved character can die at any time whether by a zombie or another human or even in childbirth, in short: no one is safe.

Once someone dies, they have to be stabbed in the head so they won't turn into a walker. You know that someone was your mom or your brother that doesn't sound like something you would keep them on the edge of your seat.

This Show Teaches us Some Lessons

In addition to that, there are so many lessons to be learned from the show. It’s about overcoming adversity from everyday things, like being without food and your home to bigger things like losing your family.

Lessons about making hard decisions, like what has to be done when a loved one dies? and lessons about the importance of sticking together and building trust in a group instead of acting on your own, together you survive alone you die!


This Show is Bloody (Blood! Blood! Everywhere!)

It's true that the show can be bloody at some times with all the zombies walking around. But it is a story about these people struggle about how events changed people and how relationships change to?

This group has really become a family where everyone plays an important part - their leaders, Fighters, caregivers and mediators. But they all work out for the good of the whole group, cared deeply for each other, and would make sacrifices before each other, and grow to care for them too.


The Last Few Words about Zombie Show

Be a Walking Dead Fan, in the hard times, I celebrate their victory, and feel sadness for their losses.

So friends, if you haven’t watched this TV show yet, then don’t wait. Just go to the official site and catch all episodes now!

This is the best TV show to watch - loaded with action, drama, suspense, love, hate and much more!


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