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Why Stitchers Probably Won't Come Back for Season 4

Updated on February 6, 2018
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Hannah is a senior in College, while being a life saver on the side (she's a lifeguard). She aspires to be an author and hopes to travel.

Stitchers starred Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris is about a group of scientists who "stitch" into dead bodies subconsciousness to understand how they died and solve their murder. Like many shows this one has it's background stories, mysteries, and reasonings behind why it created stitching and why Kirsten Clark (Ishta) and Cameron Goodkin (Harris) are in the middle of it.

The reasoning why the show was cancelled back in September of 2017 was because the viewing was low. Extremely low. But they kept going with the show and thank goodness they did because we would never see Cameron and Kirsten hook up. So thank you writers for that! We all had been waiting for that. Except for the ending of season three. Spoilers! Kirsten forgetting Cameron was the worst and her actually not forgetting him but making him believe that, way to break my heart into 700 pieces.

First, let's say what was good about the show. First the characters (Not Kirsten). Let's start with Linus. He is the communication guru a part of the stitch team. He is a funny character with a sad past. In the third season we see some of his past and it shows that Linus is a troubled kid too smart for his own good that got bullied. He is such a good kind spirit in the show that is needed. He is also looking for someone to love and for someone to love him back. He goes back and forth with Camille, another major character, but they end up going their separate ways leading them down a different path.

So that brings me to Camille. She is a firecracker and a smarty. She starts off in the show as a spy for the NSA, but no one knows that. She spies on Kirsten and they end up becoming friends. She is also the most snarkiest and sarcastic character on the show and I love that. It makes me want to be that more. We see her past more than most and it really pulls at the feels. She's a genius with computers, but comes from a trailer park. That just shows that if you put your mind to something you can literally do anything! Even work for NSA. Maybe...

Then we have two sub-characters, Fisher and Maggie. Maggie is the leader of the group and the person I dislike the most. She is literally the worst. She is the one that keeps information from everyone and has no real character development, which makes me think the producers of the show wanted to keep her a secret. But that didn't really sit well with me.

Next is Fisher. In the beginning he was just LAPD and not very interesting, but he became a member of the team and started to create relationships with the other characters. Which was great because we really got to see his character flourish.

Then there's the best character (in my opinion), Cameron Goodkin. He is the boyfriend we all want. He is such a lovable character. We get the most backstory from him and he develops into a character that we can all relate too. He also quotes movies every episodes which is my favorite thing. I need that kind of friend in my life. He also has fantastic hair. There's like a comment of that in every episode which is hilarious! He also is a very kind endearing character. He wants to do things right for the sake of his group of friends who have become his family. He also has had a couple death experiences (one where he does die) which gives him a different outlook on life, which is something I think we all need.

He also loves very deeply. We see that in his love for Kirsten. He is always telling her that he "can't risk" her, and he worries about her constantly. He is someone that we probably all need. If this show did a spin-off I would love to see one about Cameron and his life in college and becoming recruited by the NSA. He is also a very good cook! Which is very hard to find in a man.

Then we have Kirsten. I will talk about her more in the next paragraphs, but as I watched this series, I slowly started to dislike her character so much it made me almost stop watching the show.

If you haven't seen this show, I don't know if I recommend it or not. The first three seasons really draw you in, but you're left with a double cliffhanger and there won't be anything to curb your hunger for this show because it has a unique plot and unique characters. Let's be real, nothing really fills a void for a show you've fallen for. Which is unfortunate because this show could have a lot of potential and I kind of hope another TV provider picks it up like, Netflix. But it's highly unlikely because views weren't the best.

So why were viewers not really into the show? This, in my opinion, was a pretty good show. It had a good plot, love interest drama, characters with great personalities, a recurring plot behind the plots of the show that have to do with the recurring plot. What? Ha! If you've seen the show, you get it. Anyway, the plot was good, but was that what did it? I don't think so. I think it was Kirsten's character development.

Kirsten was an emotionless women who has 'temporal dysplasia.' Not a real thing. But it caused her perception of time to be nonexistent. She had to learn about emotions and how to be a regular person. Once she started working for the government she met people who liked her and one specific stitch made her emotions come back. Now she is flooded with feelings and now she is trying to understand what is happening with her life.

So as the seasons go on with Kirsten trying to figure out what to do with her life, she is obsessed with finding her mother. She becomes a person who is unbearable. She drives her love interest, Cameron, crazy. She refrains from a relationship with him because she has this innate issue to try and find her mother. Which is great because everyone should be loyal to their parents, but she is letting it effect her whole life, her relationships (not only with Cameron, but all her coworkers and friends), and her mental state, if not more.

Everyone also keeps Kirsten in the dark. She works for the NSA, right? And they think that keeping Kirsten in the dark about her family is okay. Um no. I realize the show is trying to keep some mystery and intrigue, which is most shows, but sometimes it can get too annoying. I can't tell you, it's for your safety... Yea, we get it. I think this show could've used more answers, and more action. It was also somewhat predictable as well. Which Freeform is kind of well known for, I think.

Do you think Stitchers deserves a Season 4?

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