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Why The MLP Make-Over Works

Updated on November 18, 2014
Sea Ponies
Sea Ponies | Source
Mew Apple Jack
Mew Apple Jack | Source
Old Apple Jack
Old Apple Jack | Source
Old Pinkie Pie
Old Pinkie Pie | Source
New Pinkie Pie
New Pinkie Pie | Source

MLP Make-Over

I have always loved My Little Pony. I have been watching it since I was little.This article is based on Hasbro’s old and newer versions of the show. I had the pony stable and saved allowance to buy outfits for the many ponies I had. Among which was Pinkie Pie, my favorite ever in old and new worlds. The older version because I liked the name and she was a cute pony that baked and I liked baking. Today I like her because she is so crazy and hyper, I can totally relate to that.There were so many great toys to choose from at the time and I picked ponies, every time. There was one episode I liked more than all the others but at the time my family did not own one of those fancy new beta players, and therefore I could not record it and watch it over and over like I do today. It was an episode that introduced water ponies or Sea Ponies and that was an awesome concept in my young mind. The Ponies of yesteryear and today are so different and yet alike in so many ways. This is part of the reason it works so well in today’s Cosplay world.

One of the biggest differences is the older MLP was focused around a girl from the human world, Megan, helping the ponies in various situations. I really liked this because as a young girl who doesn’t want a magically flying pony to come rescue you from a boring normal life to do exciting adventures with them. In today’s episodes there were no humans. Until the magic mirror, of course. Then the ponies became the humans. This was an interesting concept because the little girl inside of me thinks Yeah I could be a pony trapped in a human’s body!!!! The other more logical side of me wonders why these human girls have such big oddly shaped feet. Marketing, that’s why. Can Barbie stand on her own? Heck no! Can Twilight Sparkle in human form? Heck ya! She has huge deformed feet. Beside all that, I think the new concept works better because they have incorporated the human world into the show now and that helps little girls relate better to the friendship messages they are trying to convey. (In my opinion based on the hundreds of articles I have read and the shows I have watched)

The next interesting concept they have on both the old and the new MLP is clothing. I LOVE PONY CLOTHES! I don’t know why but the thought of a real pony dressing as they do in MLP makes me want to squeal like a ten year old. The hats and dresses that Rarity makes in the new shows, out fashion anything I have ever seen in the real world for people. That was one of my obsessions when I was little, making clothes for the ponies (and Barbies, who were often help taking care of the ponies to get them ready for fashion shows) I would hand sew most of them. The pony clothes they had back them were plastic and they snapped on. It was an odd concept but I had many toys that had plastic snap on clothes. The shoes were made of soft plastic and were easily added and removed. I liked to make capes that flowed for them. So now they have clothes that resemble the show but nothing in the quantity I recall seeing at the store as a young girl to choose from.

The music has changed and yet has stayed the same as well. They still burst into song when you’re thinking what do they have to sing about the world is about to be destroyed (like in EVERY episode)? Today the songs are cuter and make me laugh though. Back then they were just annoying. Oh wait! Except for “let’s not take a nap”. To this day those lyrics have stuck in my head along with the scene it goes with. I would sing this to my kids when they protested nap time. Some of the new songs have stuck in my head for a while but nothing like the nap song. Here it is for those wondering what’s so great about it.

Now for my favorite concept THE PONIES! The old ponies were made to be cute and cute they were. They looked more like a real pony, Short stout and round. Now they look like super models, with long legs and skinny necks. I have provided a before and after pic of Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie. I do not have an opinion on fat pony vs. skinny pony. I like them all for their cute uniqueness. I do not really like the human ponies feet and that would be my only dislike on the drawing of the ponies then and now. As far as the ponies themselves are concerned, I love the personalities, colors and mane styles. My favorite, Pinkie Pie, has undergone a few transformations as well. She was once a Pegasus that was an introvert. Or like Fluttershy which is funny because now they are voiced by the same person and definitely have opposite personalities. I love their differences. I fell in love with old Pinkamina Diana Pie because she was the party girl! She always wanted to get together with friends and have cupcakes and pie. I mean what wasn’t appealing about that. Then for brief period she became shy and flew. Not my favorite time for her. Now she is back to her party self! My favorite episode of this is Party of One. Here is a clip (my favorite part) that made me fall head over heels in love with this pony. She is almost as crazy as I am. Hehehe. I also enjoy the whole straight and curly hair concept. When she is sad it is all straight and forlorn looking and when she is happy or as normal as she gets, its all curls everywhere. She is and always has been the one that’s gets everyone together or finds the reason to have a gathering. I can totally relate to that. I could take hours and explain all the reason I love the other ponies but for this articles sake I will do that at a different time in a different article.

In conclusion, I say that based just on drawing concepts the new ponies would win. Based on story lines, the new ponies would win. They are same as far as cuteness factor. The personalities are definitely better and more diverse. You see a pony’s cutie mark now and almost always know that ponies name before they are introduced. Then not so much. They have more ponies now, more of a diversity, not just unicorn, pegasus, sea pony, regular pony. Now there are lots of boy ponies, writer ponies, a pony school with kid ponies, grand galloping galas in other cities, the possibilities are limitless.

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Old Pinkie Pie picture from

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