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Why The Pioneer Woman is My Hero

Updated on June 20, 2015
Ree Drummond
Ree Drummond | Source

Ever since I caught an episode of The Pioneer Woman, her mouthwatering recipes had me hooked! Not only does Ree Drummond, star of the hit show make home cooked recipes accessible and easy for just about anyone to make at home, but her All American lifestyle, adorable family, beautiful home, and glimpse into western life on her husband’s cattle ranch leaves viewers full and satisfied at the end of every episode.

Check out just some of the many reasons below why The Pioneer Woman is my hero:

She Feeds the Stomach and the Heart

I tune in as many Saturday mornings as I can curled up on the couch with my cup of coffee to see the mouthwatering creations Ree cooks up! Below are just a few of my favorite Pioneer Woman recipes (this list could go on and on….so I’ll try to restrain myself!)

Buttered Rosemary Rolls
Ladd’s Chocolate Pie
Whiskey Glazed Carrots
Flower Pot Desserts
Sausage Gravy
Whiskey Cream Sauce
Pizza Burgers
Blue Cheese Dressing
Steak Salad
Tres Leches Cake
Chicken Tortilla Soup

Can you tell I’m a sucker for traditional recipes and comfort food?

She's a Jack of All Trades

Not only is Ree a huge network TV star, she is the author of a wildly successful blog, several books, and cookbooks featuring her beautiful photography of her beautiful meals and life on the ranch where she lives with her family in Oklahoma. Books she has authored include:

A copy of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels
A copy of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels | Source
  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

  • Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

  • Charlie the Ranch Dog

  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier

  • Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays: 140 Step-by-Step Recipes for Simple, Scrumptious Celebrations

  • Charlie and the New Baby

In addition to cook and author, Ree has several other titles to add to her resume including wife, mother, photographer, and homeschool teacher. That’s right, in between cooking nutritious meals for her family and keeping up with life on the ranch, she homeschools her 4 children and has recently sent her eldest off to college. The time she finds to balance it all is an inspiration for every busy, modern woman.

She's Got a Vintage Vibe

Ree Drummond on the Ranch
Ree Drummond on the Ranch | Source

As expressed on her blog, she is a self-proclaimed "desperate housewife.
I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman." As someone who has an appreciation for times gone by and a soft spot for all things vintage, (my wedding was rustic vintage chic themed!) I can only imagine Ree and I would make great antique shopping buddies!

She Rolls with the Boys

Ree not only has the skills to whip up a delicious batch of cinnamon rolls, scrumptious cake, or delicate dessert, but she also throws on her baseball cap and jeans and gets to work alongside her cowboy husband and boys on the ranch.

She’s a Philanthropist

Another word used to describe Ree Drummond to a T? Generous. If you like her Facebook page you probably already know that she has frequent giveaways for beautiful cookware, appliances, even accessories, or things that she finds beautiful or useful for her viewers and fans. It’s like Oprah’s Favorite Things but for the everyday woman who has a love for cooking and appreciation for beautiful things!

In addition to her giveaways, Special Olympics is her favorite charity.

She's Cool as a Cucumber

A cowboy Christmas party at the new building she and her husband have been renovating for crowds of Oklahoma ranchers and their families? No problem! Ree stirs, bakes, simmers, blends, mixes, tempers, sautés, and cooks her way through multi course meals for her big extended family, ranch hands, and community without so much as breaking a sweat!

Just take a look at some of the events she has cooked for that have been featured on her show!

A Cowboy Christmas
Meals for the Building crew
Office Warming Party
Sweet Deliveries
Cowboy Tailgate Lunches
Pickup Picnics

What do you love about The Pioneer Woman?

See results

And Witty as Can Be

How can you not love a gal who incorporates words like "lard" into her every day vocabulary? Her witty, readable writing style will hook you in… probably the reason that she has several thousand if not millions of people in her fan base.

Just take a look at this excerpt:

“I worked all night getting the new design up and running, and now I have to go water my children, iron my vegetables, and feed my laundry,” she wrote last July when she launched the redesign of her Web site. “Iron my children, feed my vegetables, and water my laundry? Feed my . . . Oh, never mind. I surrender to the chaos.”

Enough said.

She’s not just witty, check out some of her other admirable characteristics that make Ree my hero:


She Has a Kitchen and Pantry to Die For

Peso, stocks-in-a-box, perfectly coordinated containers of dry beans and pastas, gourmet olives, crostini, canned veggies, and storage for office supplies and more!

If this visual isn't enough to convince you of her dream pantry and stock pile of goods to last through long winter days and trips into town to the grocery store, see it for yourself!

Check out her episode “Perfecting the Pantry” below in which Ree takes you inside her huge pantry complete with a built-in library slider ladder to reach the highest shelves and max out her storage space!

Perfecting the Pantry

And a Wardrobe

Even when she is cooking up a storm, the Pioneer Woman never has a hair out of place! Though she is says she loathes shopping on her blog, her bright, cheery wardrobe and fun, tasteful accessories are a perfect complement to her friendly, cheerful demeanor that she shares on her show and showcases through the taste of her food.

When her Saturday morning episodes play, Ree will often post updates for fans on her Facebook page and will occasionally give readers a sneek peek into where she finds her treasures. Hint: ModCloth is a favorite for her brightly colored tunics!

Her Family is Adorable

Kids in cowboy boots
Kids in cowboy boots | Source

With a handsome husband, who she affectionately calls The Marlboro Man, and 4 kids, her family is nothing short of adorable. Her children are well behaved and hard-working (they started horse riding on the ranch when they were just tots!), and the spitting image of their mom and dad. In fact, she details in her book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels how she left her life in the city of California for jeans and cowboy boots for life on her ranch in Oklahoma. Check out an excerpt from her book, below:

“During my months back home, I’d realized more than ever how much I’d missed living in a city: the culture, the anonymity, the action, the pace. It had made me feel happy and alive and whole. That I was even sitting on a cowboy’s porch at this point in my life was strange enough; that I actually felt comfortable, at peace, and at home there was surreal.”

Food Network logo
Food Network logo | Source

If these aren’t enough reasons to inspire you to check out The Pioneer Woman on Food Network, browse her cookbooks on amazon, try cooking one of her recipes at home, or read a blog post or two, I don’t know what is!

Ree is the epitome of the modern woman with homegrown values. So I can’t always come up with creative ideas in the kitchen but her beautiful home, personality, and wild success give me something to aspire to!

Are you a fellow fan of The Pioneer Woman? What do you love about her show, blogs, photography, family or food? Share your own gushing in the comments section, below!


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 20 months ago from America

      I tape the show. I like her also and the way she cooks. I have tried a few recipes and they always turn out good.

    • profile image

      linda nale 22 months ago

      Love watching this lady! She has a great family and friends, I would love to be her BFF!!

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 24 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      This sounds like something I would just LOVE! Never even heard of this show. I guess i better check my programming!.....Very interesting article!.....It's gotta be a heck of a lot easier being a Pioneer Woman TODAY!! LOL.......Peace, Paula

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 24 months ago from Central Florida

      I love The Pioneer Woman! I watch her show every day at 5:00. I love her tunics (was wondering where she got them), sense of humor, Basset Hounds, and her massive property. I think she does most of her cooking shows from the lodge. What a kitchen, huh?

      I'll have to look up her FB page and blog and follow. How she does all she does without collapsing is beyond me. Ree Drummond is an amazing woman.

      Oh - don't forget the pranks she pulls on Ladd. He hates snakes (kinda odd for a cattle rancher, doncha think?) and loves putting rubber snakes in unsuspecting places, like the freezer. That would give me a heart attack!

    • profile image

      barbiejo 2 years ago

      I like Pioneer woman and what they makes to