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Why Wrestlemania 32 Will Be Great

Updated on March 29, 2016

The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon

This will be the match of the night as long as Shane does not seriously injure himself. Whatever spot they have planned must top the ridiculous elbow drop on Monday Night Raw. I am looking forward to this match even more after Raw. This is the main event. I don't care where this goes on the card, it is the main event. This will be a brutal match and feel very Attitude Era. Shane is an absolute lunatic and will show why he belongs in the ring at Wrestlemania with The Undertaker. Who cares if they are both old. Shane looks like he is in incredible shape. in fact he looks like he is in wrestling shape. Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania 32 featuring the Undertaker is never bad. Then you add in Shane McMahon to the mix and something amazing is bound to happen. I still believe we get a Vince McMahon involvement with a Sting save or run in. No way this match only has these two involved. The stakes of the match are huge. Shane McMahon winning gives us a fresh face on Raw, but leaves Undertaker to never wrestle again at Wrestlemania. I believe if this happens The Undertaker wrestles Sting at SummerSlam and retires.

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar Street Fight

What is not to like here? Brock Lesnar tossing someone around in a street fight? The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose using a barbed wire baseball bat on the beast? I don't know how they are going to separate the Hell in a Cell and this match but it needs to be as far apart as possible. We have the potential for three matches to feature blood and all those matches need to be separated from each other. If you have half a brain this match is a launching point for Dean Ambrose whether he wins or loses. With this match and the Hell in a Cell we now have two matches to be exited for.

Guest Appearances and The Rock

The Rock loves coming to the big show and running his mouth. We all love The Rock. He will obviously have some interaction with some one and make jokes and be funny. is it just me or is there some hope he does something a little different this year? I would love to see him help turn Roman Reigns heel in his World Heavyweight Championship match, but I not holding my breathe. Whatever the Rock is involved in it will be fun. Other guests on the show depending if they are used correctly will be fun to watch. John Cena is sure to have some kind of segment and regardless of how you feel about him the crowd will blow the roof off when John Cena makes an entrance. Stone Cold is rumored to be involved in some way as well so we have that to look forward too. Just hope it is more then a bunch of talking segments.

The Crowd

With the biggest crowd in the history of a WWE wrestling event they will also be the loudest. It doesn't matter if they boo or cheer they will be loud. Could we have the biggest wave in the world? Could we get a Wrestlemania 32 crowd take over? Will the crowd become part of the show? I can't wait to see.

Ladder Match

So I love how people complain about certain stars not getting the spotlight. They complain Zach Ryder gets buried, or Stardust is a wasted character. WWE puts these guys in a high profile ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship. Some of the guys in the match have nothing to lose. This is their moment to wow the crowd and get themselves back on the main roster on a consistent basis. Expect some solid spots in this match. Kevin Owens is one hell of an athlete and a vicious champion. He will be brutal to the other competitors in this match. So many men in this match want a Wrestlemania moment. I predict Sin Cara has a legit holy crap moment high off a ladder.

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

This match has no ladders. It is not in Hell in a Cell. It is not a street fight. This is a pure wrestling match. It also has the potential to shine above the other matches is high. Two veterans that know each other so well and have the ability to up their game. I would love for this match to have been an iron man match, but I expect this match to go the distance. The crowd will give multiple dueling chants for both of these tremendous competitors.

Divas Championship

So people have to remember under triple threat rules there are no disqualification. So this is a no disqualification match involving The Boss Sasha Banks. Have the expectations that this one falls out of the ring and is more of a brawl. This will make people understand women can wrestle as good if not better then men.

Triple H vs Roman Reigns

The more heat this match gets the more I want to see it. How will the crowd react? Will the crowd go nuclear when Reigns comes out? This will be an absolute classic of a match.Roman Reigns has consistently put on some of the best matches of last year. Triple H is wrestling at an insane level to be his age. His matches with Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler were incredible. I don't care if Reigns gets booed out of the building. I will be glued to the television for this one. Something big has to go down in this match. WWE doesn't just put a match in the main event knowing the crowd will hate it. With all these awesome matches I don't see how Wrestlemania 32 will be a failure. The fact that WWE put this card together with so many injuries is amazing and gives other people on the roster room to shine.


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