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Why You Don't Need a Television Anymore

Updated on July 24, 2017

My favorite part of going to school was leaving. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved learning and have always been an inquisitive person, but the reason I ran home as soon as I heard the bell go off was for my unadorned love for cartoons and I'd get home just in time for the animated series-The Mask. I loved the show, it was bonkers, especially the character was completely loony. It was an epoch of television sets, there was no Netflix and the only thing I binged on then was a fortuitous assortment of candies, so you see why I had to be on time for the show.

Shortly after, there was a sharp upsurge of computers everywhere. Every household had one and my father went out of his way to buy me a computer with a dial-up internet connection for my birthday. It was the single most dorky moment of my life and I was delirious beyond words. (However slow that internet connection was, it was still the precious to my Gollum)


Internet access meant watching all my animated series online and there were times when I didn't get out of my room for days together. Today, I don't see why one needs a television set. If you want a large screen, you could probably even invest in a projector


Amongst other free video sites that are making television obsolete, one website in particular that truly took off has been YouTube. A Brobdingnagian (insert fun to say word - check) collection of videos ranging from videos on pets, pranks, movie trailers to videos on how to build, fix, cook or make something.

YouTube can keep you glued for hours and being free, it is causing an uproar of vloggers to become the new entertainment sensation. In India, although the concept is just hitting the road, we have witnessed some hilarious as well as intuitive web shows.

Some of the unmitigated funny web series include the ones by AIB: All India Bakchod, a digital channel of witty, humorous videos by a group of comedians. From savage celebrity roasts to hilarious parodies of Bollywood movies, these comedians have some audacious yet super amusing videos on YouTube along with a vast fan following.

AIB Honest Bars and Restaurants serie

TVF-ONE or The Viral Fever One, is another Online Entertainment channel, where you can watch web series created for young adults. Founded by Arunabh Kumar, their many channels have over 1 lakh subscribers and is famous for web series in the Comedy and Drama genres.

tvf bachelors

Nonetheless, being an anime zealot, I have been waiting for an outstanding animated show to take India by storm. We have been waiting years for a good animation with an exceptional and strategic storyline that can keep viewers hooked. Cartoons like Chhota Bheem exist, but I'm sure you know that they are for kids.

Recently, I found Hoppo.TV, a digital animation channel that is breaking the norm. I assure you that it's not your run of the mill, kids animation channel based on mythology. Instead, they have taken an intrepid step to create beautiful anomalous cartoons that are simply flawless and may or may not exactly be for children. Their animated web shows are unprecedented. Some of them are notoriously funny while others are minimal, heart-warming and a whole lot of cute.


1. Kung Fu Singh

One of my favorites, this series is pure entertainment. It encompasses the adventures of a Punjabi lad who will do anything to be a Kung Fu Master. The ruckus created by this little bundle of energy is beautifully delineated with swift and smooth animation. Most of all, Kung Fu Singh is so adorable!

2. Modern Activity

Environing the shenanigans of four fifth graders studying in a typical South Mumbai school that goes by the name Modern Activity, this animated show is a bold step in comedy for India. Absolutely hilarious and gripping. If you need a break from your mainstream television cartoons, head to youtube and binge on these web shows.

3. Life's Little Nuggets

This one is interesting. The animation here is simple and minimal, the videos are eye-opening and perhaps thought-provoking in their own way. Delightful, full of positivity yet authentic, Life's Little Nuggets is just what people need today

Throw your idiot box away, and get yourself a computer with good graphics support and configuration. Let the binge begin!


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