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Why are ACTA, SOPA and PIPA doomed?

Updated on February 16, 2012
Bulgarian ACTA protesters.
Bulgarian ACTA protesters. | Source

Imagine the following:

Cheap looking movie like "Immortals" (I AM sorry Tarsem Singh, but your only good movie is "The Cell")

  • Ticket price $10-$20 depending on the cinema you are visiting.
  • Two hundred centipedes around you munching popcorns.
  • Two rednecks around you with sharp elbows.
  • First redneck is talking on his phone.
  • Second redneck is laughing like gorilla every time someone in the movie dies with huge blood splatter.
  • Redneck 1 child goes 3 times to pee.
  • Redneck 2 child has a laser pointer and is helping Zeus in slashing and killing the Titans.
  • You can't go to the toilet, because you actually can't pause, want to see the movie because you paid (and you are amazed how wrong greek myths, architecture and culture are shown in the movie so you blog about it later)

Why I am so bitter and mean?

Because the movie sucks, you feel robbed and tortured in the end and $10 for premiere is worth a six pack with almonds you can share with your friend that pirated the movie from the bay and invited you to watch it with him.

Why I am sure all anti piracy acts will fail?

You still don't believe me?

  • 3D home cinema costs about $1000.
  • 52 weeks in the year, 2 premieres per week = $1040 to $2080.
  • Rednecks all around you with phones and spoiled kids = priceless.
  • In case the movie is not protected by DRM or other rights implemented in the file, it is quite free. You only need to search for it.
  • You can do whatever you like at home. Pause. Pee. Talk. Comment... or just pick your nose.


It started when the era of vinyl records died and the audio cassette was invented.

  • Vinyl copy - expensive.
  • Tape copy - costs only the tape.
  • When it is SO EASY to copy and share, it is impossible to keep it hidden and sell it 1-by-1 to the customer.

Like any good christian would tell you:

"If there is someone that never copied an audio tape, let he be the first to throw the stone"

Corporations that want those 3 shameful and freedom killing ACTS to be accepted by all world governments

need to change the way

they sell their products to the customer. We are not sheep.

  • We are human.
  • "Homo sapiens" means sentient (thinking) human.
  • You can't fool us to buy something worthless with your deceitful ADs.
  • When it looks cheap -> Make it cheap.
  • Make the download of the premiere movie $2 and $1 for all the others and you will have your million$, while we watch the movie at home with our friends or chosen ones.
  • And last but not least - A handful of rich people can't stop 7 billion angry people.
  • Can't. So Don't!


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    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 5 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Thanks Yana :) It was quite fun writing this :)

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 5 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Thanks miss Sunshine ;) The draft of this hub was actually a Skype chat with my friend, where I was explaining why it is bad.

      It turned quite long, so formatted a bit and published.

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Stoill this hub is very entertaining and interesting!:)