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Why did Dalton Rappatoni leave IM5?

Updated on January 22, 2015

Dalton Rappatoni leaves IM5

Official twitter message from Dalton Rappatoni announcing he is leaving the band IM5
Official twitter message from Dalton Rappatoni announcing he is leaving the band IM5 | Source

Dalton Rappatoni Twitter

Full text of Dalton Rappatoni Twitter message that he is leaving IM5
Full text of Dalton Rappatoni Twitter message that he is leaving IM5 | Source

Dalton Rappatoni announces he is leaving IM5 via Twitter

It was a sad night for IM5 fans on Mar 3, 2014, when Dalton Rappatoni announced that he would be leaving the band IM5.

It may not have been a surprise to fellow band members Will Jay, Cole Pendery, Dana Vaughns II, or Gabriele Morales, but it was an unexpected and unpleasant to all the IM5 fans out there.

The full twitter message reads:

"It's with mixed emotion that I tell you last night was my final performance with IM5. It has been an amazing journey that I will forever be grateful for, but it's time for me to move on. To be clear, I am now and will always be, a huge fan of the guys as a group and also as individuals, but as a performer, I feel called to change directions. I'm not completely certain where I'm headed or exactly what I'll be doing (although I assure you there will be big drums and loud guitars involved)

I want to thank you for all your incredible support over the past 3 years and I promise to work my hardest to earn your support moving forward. I have been so blessed to be a part of IM5 and I leave with a heavy but thankful heart because these guys have been my family through good times and bad. It's been such a tough decision, but I feel like it's right for me and I hope everyone will understand.

I wish Will, Cole, Dana & Gabe nothing but success as they move forward without me. It's my understanding that IM5 will continue on and it's my hope that you'll keep supporting them as they grow to become the biggest boy band in the world.

Much Thanks!


IM5 Band Twitter

IM5 band members tweet support to Dalton after his announcement to leave the group.
IM5 band members tweet support to Dalton after his announcement to leave the group. | Source

How did IM5 members respond to Dalton's leaving?

The internet was a blaze for a minute, instigating rumors of a bad split, when a cropped picture of the band from 2012 posted by the band's manager Jill Hillier, reappeared on twitter.

The photo was posted with Dalton cropped out of the picture.

Although, probably not the best way to portray an amicable split, there is no evidence that manager Jill Hillier had any malicious intent with the reposting of the cropped photo.

Dalton even responded by posting the full picture with himself included and with positive support to the remaining members of the IM5 band.

Despite rumors or infighting, the remaining four members of the band IM5 (Will Jay, Dana Vaughns II, Cole Pendery, and Gabriele Morales) have all shown their support to Dalton Rappatoni's choice to leave the band.

See the band's positive responses to Dalton's announcement of leaving the band in their twitter responses.

Dalton Rappatoni cropped out of IM5 pic

Dalton Rappatoni cropped out of 2012 group photo of IM5
Dalton Rappatoni cropped out of 2012 group photo of IM5 | Source

Was Dalton Rappatoni leaving IM5 a surprise?

Although, some in the industry have speculated that Dalton Rappatoni leaving IM5 was a complete shock and surprise to the band, the truth is all member of the band and the management team have been aware of Dalton's potential leaving for quite some time.

Dalton set the record straight in a series of posts on his twitter account @flyawaydalton as to why he left and how it all went down.

"In the first month of my departure from IM5 I've heard some crazy stories as to why I left the group. I realize an "official statement" was never released from IM5, so I feel the need to clear a few things up."

He later discusses how he made the band members and the management team aware of his thoughts about leaving well in advance of when the final decision was made.

"I struggled for close to 9 months, wondering what the best answers was for me and my future, all the while communicating with management that I was considering moving on from IM5. The guys were made aware of my thoughts towards the end of last year. Again, both management and the guys were very supportive and their main concern was for my health and overall happiness."

Fly Away Home Videos

Why did Dalton Rappatoni really leave IM5

In his twitter account Dalton goes into detail about battling Bi-Polar disorder since he was 9 years old. He went through some struggles in early 2013 and had to take some time off from the band to recover.

He even points out how he is missing from video and pictures during February 2013 through May 2013.

He is very open and honest about his struggle and should be commended for his courage to not be afraid to share his struggles.

"It's important to know that I don't tell you this for attention or sympathy. It's a part of who I am and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed of it."

He later goes on describe how he used writing as a therapy as he battled with his disorder. This led him to a new direction.

"Finally, in the process of writing dozens of songs, I realized the music was taking me in a different direction. I also realized it wouldn't be fair to the 5ers, the IM5 team and most importantly to myself if I continued on with IM5."

For the full twitter post, click here.

Fly Away Hero Band Pic

Dalton reassemblies old band Fly Away Hero
Dalton reassemblies old band Fly Away Hero | Source

Hunter Lucas Fly Away Hero Pic

Hunter Lucas of Fly Away Hero
Hunter Lucas of Fly Away Hero | Source

So what's next for Dalton Rappatoni?

After deciding to permanently leave the band IM5, Dalton has decided to continue to pursue his kind of music and release some of the songs he has written.

He also reconnected with his childhood friend and fellow musician Hunter Lucas to reform their old band Fly Away Hero. Dalton stated he expected the album to be released either late summer or early fall 2014.

"I've decided to record many of the songs I've writte on the past few years....I've reunited with my childhood friend and formber band mate Hunter Lucas and we've reassembled our old band, Fly Away Hero."

Will IM5 replace Dalton Rappatoni?

When Dalton announced his departure from IM5, it left many IM5 fans wondering if they will replace him. The fans did not have to wait long. The answer is yes.

As of May 2014, the newest member of IM5 is David Scarzone (pronounced Scar-zo-nee). For more on David Scarzone, click here.

Was leaving IM5 a good choice for Dalton

Will you support Dalton's choice to leave and buy his new band Fly Away Hero's album?

See results


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      i love you Dalton hope your band will be a huge success

    • profile image


      3 years ago


      It's 2015 I still miss him he was my fav. IM5 guy. And now he is my fav. Fly away hero guy

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I never thought Dalton would leave im5 and David taking a spot it kind of made me really really upset I hope Dalton gets back with I am five cuz its just Gabe Cole and Dana.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Same Vianny! He was Bae and always "Will" be.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I'm so sad because Dalton left and he was my fave guy in im5

      I call him rockstar dude. :(


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