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Why didn't Star Wars universe have the technology to regenerate body parts?

Updated on December 23, 2017
by Matthew Addison
by Matthew Addison | Source

I was watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars the other day and a though came over me. In this universe that George Lucas created, the ability to create a whole army out of cloning one guy is totally possible. However, when someone loses a body part, say from a light saber, then it can only be replaced by a mechanical prosthetic.

I mean, in Star Wars, ships easily warp into light speed. Just about everything has the anti-gravity technology. Seriously, I'm sure couches can float in every planet in the Star Wars universe.

All that and not one scientists decided to regenerate body parts. I mean the mechanical prosthetic parts kick ass an all, look at Luke Skywalker's hand or even check out Darth Vader's body, even though it would suck being in that extreme state, but not one hint of regenerating human body parts or any kind of body.

Seriously, for how advanced the Star Wars universe is, it sure is barbaric. Clone a shit load of guys to send to their death but no hope of regenerating body parts for people that get maimed constantly by light sabers or any type of freaking laser.

I know that this aspect of this universe is what creates great characters like Darth Vader, but still. What do think about this?


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