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Street Fighter: The Movie (1994)

Updated on November 14, 2011

Why does Hollywood continue to make video game based movies that they know won't translate well onto the big screen

Capcom's infamous fighting game makes its' way to the big screen. There's a lot of ways I could sum up my feelings for this film, but I'll just use one word to describe this one, appalling. The movie is based off the popular video game, "Street Fighter II", and it features stars such as Jean Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia. According to the film's story, M. Bison (Raul Julia) plans on global domination unless the United Nation pays him one jillion dollars. Gee, I never would've thought a jillion was a actual number until I saw this film, (sarcasticly) it doesnt seem like a bull **** made up number at all. However, it's up to Guile (Van Damme) to lead a series of wariors to stop Bison. First of all, I never been a Van Damme fan, and this film did very little to convert me. Hell, the special effects were so bad that when Bison and Guile fought each other, you could practically see the wire carrying Bison to make it look like he was flying. The fight scenes in this film seemed very unrealistic which is ironic because this was based off a fighting game. And of course, the acting was just awful. However, at least Van Damme doesn't show his *** in this one (thank god). Basically, unless your into extremely campy films, then knock yourself out with this movie. However, if your not, then avoid this one at all costs.


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