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Why Do Celebrities Need to Look Good?

Updated on May 5, 2014
Justin Bieber after his first push up. He is really excited.
Justin Bieber after his first push up. He is really excited. | Source
Here we have  the first official paparazzi photo of justin bieber and her first body guard.
Here we have the first official paparazzi photo of justin bieber and her first body guard.

Justin bieber does push ups, but why?

In the beginning of the world, when time was new and we were just getting started in the world, we needed to be fit.We needed to be the ultimate killing machines. We had to know when to run. We had to stay hiding, but be able to attack. We had to protect ourselves from predators. We needed to stay alive. We needed to SURVIVE in this harsh world. We don't need that anymore. I think we are pretty set now. With all the new additions we have in life, like you know houses, and guns and stuff. Also, we don't have to hunt anymore, like, at all. Some people to hunt deer, but seriously bieber probably couldn't kill one of them. His bodyguard probably could. What I am saying is it's not that hard to get dinner.

For some of us, this "survival" is not the reason to do push ups. No no. Its to look better, or try to. To impress all the ladies in the audience. From the little tweens to straight out queens. No one needs to look like this, unless you are a frail little guy or girl, or bieber fan. The point I am trying to make is that some people workout to look better. Justin bieber needs this, he has to look better. Have you seen his hair, and girlish figure. Let's face it he wont last to long in jail. Honestly, I am surprised he has lasted this long in life. I do not often get surprised to the point where I have to say that I am surprised. I think my eyes just crossed trying to make that sentence.

Here he is getting completely ripped, kind of.

A Poem

I have written a poem to describe how talent Justin bieber is...

  • Roses are red...
  • Violets are blue...
  • Justin beiber is an idiot.

Great right ...I know, I know. I can hear the applause, it's as loud as bieber's failure in music. I am actually not saying he can't sing. He is a good singer I think, compared to a dying cat. I am saying he just shouldn't. I have never seen someone be such a bad person to their fans. The way he handles things with his fans is less than favorable. If he had a little more decency, he would probably be better off. Let's face it, spitting on your fans, or the paparazzi, is dumb. I mean what if the wind accidentally made your spit hit a baby. Disgraceful...tisk tisk bieber. We all wish you were a better person. I also think you giving Canadians a bad rap. They have been through enough you jerk.

The Look

So he does push ups to look stronger. Especially in front of all the gangsters he tries to be like. I could actually stand to do some pushups...but that's a different hub. He also needs to be stronger. I mean like a lot stronger. If you have ever been in a fight you know that, well, you need to be stronger. Not just look stronger. I say stronger a lot, to emphasis that this is really what he needs. He finds it necessary to be the toughest girl in the world. I have to tell him there is no way you can beat Ronda Rousey, top woman MMA fighter in the world. I mean I can't either, but I am also not a famous douche bag. Just saying.

Here is justin bieber before a concert. Famous people always look plastic to me. Maybe its the lighting.
Here is justin bieber before a concert. Famous people always look plastic to me. Maybe its the lighting. | Source

Do you think he looks like plastic in the above photo?

See results
Justin Bieber and more beliebers.
Justin Bieber and more beliebers. | Source

Unreal Looks

I will let you guys see these photos I have found of bieber before a concert, and some bieber fans. Without the push ups, he never would have been where he is today. To many other celebrities worry about dumb stuff, like there fans or improving their vocals. This does not have to be the case. This does not have to be the way we do things. As you can see from the photo, he has done so many push ups that he looks like he is plastic. Maybe it is photo shopped, maybe it is just the lighting. In our society we look up to these plastic people for inspiration, and hair style choices. In the second photo you can see justin bieber is wearing a huge shirt. He doesn't want it to be that big. He tries to do pushups so he can fill it out, I think. He is however taking time out of his busy life to take a picture with the beliebers. I still think hes mean, but I digress. Let's get back to the subject at hand.

The Health

We should all strive for better health. With a little motivation we could all improve our quality of living. The bieber needs this. He like really needs this. From what I have heard from underground back alley sources that aren't very trustworthy, he is a little unhealthy. It wasn't much of a source, or very useful, but it was worth the 2,000 dollars I paid to get it. So, maybe he just wants to be healthier, I mean come on. Living in the lime light, a girls gotta keep her figure tight, right. Feel free to use that if you want.

Stress Relief

Push ups or any kind of exercise are also great stress relievers. This could very well be an attempt at stress management. A good tactic I think. This reason, despite being the best reason to do push ups, is probably not his reason, but it could be I guess. If I had to manage such a huge group of underage fans who want nothing more than your sweaty towels and loogies directed at their foreheads, I would be stressed too. Maybe he is in some sort of mid teen crisis. I don't actually know how old he is. I can only assume he is like 15 or something.


Do you think you could take bieber in a fight?

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Poll Rules

I have put up a poll to my right here and have to clarify something. This is just a fight between bieber and you. No bodyguards would be present and no one would have weapons. I am talking bare knuckle boxing and drop kicks. While I myself would never hit a girl, especially a rich one with bodyguards.

The Conclusion conclusion, he is a frail, little, weak, stressed out, wanna be gangster. That is why he does push ups. At least that's what I belieb. If you guys have any other reasons that bieber would need or want to be push ups, I need to hear them. This is not a want thing...I need, absolutely need to hear these. It would be great if you could share this so I can find out from everyone why he does push ups. I mean I can not be more serious about needing to know why this girl would do push ups. Especially in jail.

While this is only one example of why celebrities need to look good, I am sure there are many more examples.


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    • Barine Sambaris profile image

      Barine Sambaris 

      19 months ago from Nigeria

      Lol. I can't believe i used to like Justin Bieber. Thought he was cute, but the arrogance to fans is just too much. Plus he has lost the cuteness and music in him. Guess i was blindsided


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