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Why I Love Pro-Wrestling

Updated on November 3, 2016

Mention that your a fan of WWE and people will look down on you. They will brand you as an uneducated moron oblivious to the fact that wrestling is fake. People will think you need to find interests in real wrestling as you distance yourself from the immaturity in WWE. However pro-wrestling is a legitimate sport but unlike many sports, pro-wrestling in my opinion requires more athleticism and dedication. I will dispel some common myths on pro-wrestling.

Matches are not exactly pre-planned:

Many people have the misconception that it takes no talent for WWE superstars to get in the ring. They believe that every move is choreographed and practiced thoroughly until the time for the match arrives. This is false. At some point in time, WWE superstars are told who the winner will be. However, they are not told exactly how to fight. They must improvise using their creativity and practice their signature moves accordingly. This takes alot of dedication and training to execute every particular signature move properly. That's why wrestling schools exist. Sometimes matches can be unpredictable as mistakes and impressive maneuvers occur. One notable example is the Undertaker's Wrestlemania match with Brock Lesnar. Therefore, it is not always clear who the winner truly is.

WWE superstars do get hurt:

WWE superstars do not severely harm each other as shown on television. However pain is still involved. Any move that is not choreographed well can result in serious injury or even death. In fact, pro-wrestling has one of the highest numbers of deaths in Sports entertainment. One example of this is when the Undertaker unintentionally threw Mankind off a cell. Mankind later stated that he remembered little of the match and suffered several injuries. Wrestlers are trained professionals in acting and pro wrestling techniques. This is why it is highly advised that amateurs do not attempt to mimic their signature moves. While other fighters have the luxury of taking a vacation to recover, pro wrestlers must fight every week whether they're injured or not.

Pro-wrestlers don't wrestle for money:

Many of the biggest pro-wrestling stars started off with low pay around ($5-20 per match). Much work has to be invested in intense body-building, training, contracts, medicare, and so on just to make it into the larger promotions such as WWE. Even if pro-wrestlers from independent circuits make it into WWE, there's no health benefits. A significant amount of their paychecks are devoted to health insurance for any injuries, rent, food, and other expenses.

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy

How did i become such a fan of pro-wrestling? It all began as a very young child. I was flipping through channels to watch cartoons until i accidentally stumbled across WWE superstar: The Edge interfere with another superstar in the ring. Edge attacked him and cost him the match. While i was curious to watch more, my mother did not allow me.

As i grew older, i began regularly watching Smackdown, Raw, and TNA. I was very thrilled by the action and eager to see who would be victorious. I cringed at the violence and feared for the safety of my favorite superstars. I experienced a whole range of emotions and that's what made WWE very impactful in my life.

Rey Mysterio.
Rey Mysterio.
The Undertaker
The Undertaker
John Cena
John Cena

WWE is termed pro-wrestling for a reason. The WWE universe has many things that many other sports lack. There's no denying that UFC fighting incorporates real marital arts. There's no denying that other fighters love their work. However there's just one problem - they're just competitive fighters. Peel behind all of their training and what do you find? Just ordinary fighters. After a conversation on who won what match, there's not much to talk about. I can watch match after match and none of them uniquely stand out from each other. Many fighters wear the same type of clothing but not much emotion. Don't get me wrong, i'm also a fan of UFC fighting. Nevertheless, there are several problems i run into the sport. Much of their personal life and career is outside of the ring.

What distinguishes WWE from other forms of entertainment? There's a story arch. Each character has a unique personal gig and history. How many times have you heard John Cena's catchphrase "You can't see me!"? Or Eddie Guerrero's "Viva La Rasa"? Whether you love them or hate them, they're still memorable. The best WWE superstars have ambitions, dreams, pride, anger, sadness, jealousy, and courage. They are entertainers using their own signature moves suiting their personality. With each passing victory and loss, the characters develop. The best WWE superstars wrestle with passion. This is what's missing from other forms of entertainment. WWE superstars can change their gigs whereas other fighters cannot. It's when we see WWE superstars attacking other wrestlers behind the scenes that we see their ruthlessness. However they express it in far deeper ways with various matches involving cages, ladders, fire, barbed wire, explosives, you name it. It's this creativity that revolutionized entertainment.

Triple H
Triple H
Stone Cold Steve Austin delivers stunner.
Stone Cold Steve Austin delivers stunner.

In the WWE world, you have a say what goes on in the ring. If you dislike an event, WWE will listen to you. When watching a movie or a television serious, you can complain and nothing will change. The world of pro-wrestling gives fans a sense of belonging as pro-wrestlers battle within the crowd or walk through the audience. It's easy for fans to connect emotionally with their favorite pro-wrestlers. There is nothing more amazing than supporting your favorite wrestler in the ring after they endure so much pain and see them achieve their potential.

In summary, being a pro-wrestler requires so much devotion. It is their life and whenever they perform such daring feats, they are risking their lives. Some retire and still move onto starting their own pro-wrestling schools. While movies and shows end, pro-wrestling is forever. There will always be new pro-wrestlers entering the ring as old legends retire. It is this and many more reasons why i love the world of pro-wrestling.

Do you love pro-wrestling?

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