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Why independent films are sometimes the best

Updated on February 11, 2014

How independent films compare to Hollywood

Over the past few years, there have been a large amount of independent films being produced on a shoestring budget. One of the most famous of those is Paranormal Activity, which was made for only $15,000 and Paramount/DreamWorks acquired the U.S rights for $350,000. The film went on to make $194 million worldwide.

If you compare this to films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter, which have had hundreds of millions spent on producing the films, it shows how much the large movie companies are willing to spend to ensure their films are a success.

While those sorts of films have proved popular, with both of those franchises having films in the top 10 grossing films of all time, partly due to cinema prices and the extra cost of 3D tickets, it shows that these sorts of films will always be made.

Although it is good for the industry to have these sorts of films, I think there should be more done to help the independent film makers to help their films become more mainstream and able to be seen by millions of people.

Film festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival in Utah are a great way to help promote the independent films and hopefully help them become successful, both financially and critically. I feel that if there were more localised film festivals to help up-and-coming film directors and actors get some experience in the film industry as well as being able to gain some exposure so they can get a taste of what the film industry will be like.

To ensure that they can get their films noticed by a wider audience, the producers may need to market their films more and be able to earn more money from the films.

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Why I enjoy Independent films

As a film fan, I enjoy watching a vast array of films, but it gets a bit boring when Hollywood is producing the same sorts of films on a yearly basis, so I mix up my watching of Hollywood Blockbusters with some Independent films that some people have spent a few thousand dollars on making and producing etc. and them being released at the cinema and making a few million dollars whilst released at cinemas.

I also find that the people who make Independent films put more passionate about their films than in Hollywood because of the money aspect. Even though money is limited with Independent films, it can be used to help enhance the creativity of the people involved with the films and help them possibly improve the quality of the film because they are forced to be more creative, due to the fact they don't have film studios offering tens of millions of dollars in financial backing like mainstream Hollywood films do, not that I'm saying Hollywood films aren't creative, just that in my opinion from the Independent films that I have personally seen, the Independent films tend to be more creatively done.

Why I enjoy Hollywood Blockbusters

Even though I do like Independent films, I do also enjoy watching Hollywood Blockbusters, mainly because they have a large amount of money and, just like I enjoy seeing what people can do with a shoestring budget, I also find it interesting to see what Hollywood studios can produce with a massive budget.

Another reason why I enjoy Hollywood films is because of the way they are able to portray things that happen in society in a way that make people think and are able to reach a wide audience, whether that be through the cinema or people watching the films on the internet.

Do you prefer Independent films or Hollywood Blockbusters?

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Why both Independent and Hollywood films are important

I think one main reason why both Independent and Hollywood films are both important to society because they both offer different things. For example, Independent films are able to get a more loyal following of fans and are able to use less conventional means to promote their films and be able to help the people who made the films, either in terms of acting in it or filming, producing and directing it, can help build their CV and potentially work on a Hollywood film.

Hollywood films are important because they can reach wider audiences and the most famous Hollywood actors are able to help promote good causes because of their fame, as well as help promote films that can help society.


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    • dailygirl profile image


      7 years ago from Texas

      I totally agree that independent films can be better than big budget, Hollywood movies. I think it has something to do with the reality that an independent film embodies. Indie films are not worried about pleasing audiences, but instead want to express a message in the most real way possible. This can mean that the drama can be very dramatic or the comedy painfully true, but regardless, they are entertaining and refreshing. Great hub!!

    • Sjlifed profile image


      7 years ago from Singapore, the little red dot.

      I totally agree, and personally, i think that independent films do not have to adhere to pressures and are more creative in that sense. But i really wish i can see more of them around, esp in singapore.

    • Alex Brockie profile imageAUTHOR

      Alex Brockie 

      7 years ago from England

      Thank you for your comment Laura :).

    • laurathegentleman profile image


      7 years ago from Chapel Hill, NC

      I agree - I think that independent films can sometimes be much better than big-budget blockbusters. I think a lower budget requires more creativity sometimes.

      What a great idea for a hub! :)


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