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Why is Adele Apologizing?

Updated on October 22, 2015

In just mere hours, the world will be treated to a new Adele song. This has been nearly 5 years in the making and it is one of the most anticipated singles of the year. The songstress took to her official social networking sites to announce that she is releasing her new CD this November and she apologized for taking so much time between records.

While the sentiment is very sweet, and professional, there is no need for Adele to say that she is sorry. She's an artist, a true artist, and therefore she needs the time to create the quality of music that fans have come to expect of her. Judging by the snippet that was released, the high expectations that are set for her will not only be met but exceeded. With just one verse, she was able to bring the world together again in near universal praise for the snippet that she gave us.

In the letter to her fans, Adele says that the new CD will be less break up and more make up songs. This is a wonderful thing, especially since a lot of people believed that she could only sing about heartbreak. This proves that she takes her singing and songwriting seriously and isn't content to sit on her laurels. Unlike say Rihanna or Beyoncé, whose songs all sound the same, Adele is trying to give fans and herself more of a variety of songs to enjoy for different periods of their lives. The aforementioned singers release a bunch of pop songs that die out a week after they hit the airwaves.

In today's climate of releasing a new single every few weeks, followed by at least an album every year, it is refreshing that Adele took her time with her newest creation. Sure many fans would have loved to have had fresh music from her but the truth is, it should be quality over quantity. So while it may have seemed necessary to Adele to apologize, there truly was no reason for it.


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