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The Reality in a TV Series: Why is Cougar Town a Great TV Series?

Updated on May 26, 2011

A Comedy Series about Friends

Saying that Cougar Town is great just because Courtney Cox is the Star of the show is not true. Yes, she is a great actress. Yes, she was on “Friends”, the best comedy ever made in my opinion. But this is not enough. Courtney Cox have done a couple of other series before Cougar Town and they are not as great.

What makes Cougar Town great is the union of various factors.

An amazing range of great actors. Courtney Cox together with Busy Phillips, Christa Miller, Dan Byrd, Ian Gomez (and others)make one of the most talented group of actors in a present comedy series.

The script is just great. The friendship between the characters is one that everyone wishes to have. It reminds me of the friendship between the characters in “Friends”. It looks like this model works in comedy.

It is great to see the relationship between this characters. The way they really like each other. The extra mile they go to see each other happy.

It is easy to see that this Series is here to stay and it will bring a lot of smiles to a worldwide audience.


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