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The Limitations of Free Speech

Updated on February 8, 2018

Have you ever asked yourself whether or not our freedom of speech should ever be restricted? This is a very controversial topic that has caused many debates in today's society. Some believe that our freedom of speech should be limitless. Others believe that a limitless freedom of speech can cause harm to others. Harm? How so? This article will explore a few ways in which a limitless freedom of speech might be harmful.

Freedom of Speech and the Medical Field

ABC's news Channel shared a video that shows how a nurse verbally mocked an eldery patient at a health care facility. She recorded the video and then had posted it on her social media. That nurse was using her freedom of speech to ridicule this elderly patient. This video is shown down below.

Imagine how such a speech must have impacted that patient negatively. One should not have the right to humiliate another verbally just because they have the freedom of speech to do so. When it comes to medical professionals, their freedom of speech should exclude destrutive speech that can harm their patients.

Another article published by the Slate group shared the story of a veterinarian, named Hines. Hines used to provide medical advices over the phone to pet owners from all over the world without any face to face consultations. He got fired from the board and his case is now being processed in court. Freedom of speech should not give medical professionals complete freedom to dispense medical advice without following the proper guideline. This can cause harm to those being treated. That article is linked below.

Freedom of Speech and Hateful Speech

Freedom of speech can also become harmful when people start using Hate Speech to degrade one based on their cultural or religious background. Unfortunately, that type of speech is quite common in America. The following article published by the Washington Post sheds light on that matter.

That article shows how the first Amendmnet fails to protect us against hate speech. Hate speech includes hateful ideas that is said to insult or to even threaten one's race or religion. Should one have the complete freedom to pronounce such hateful speech towards another individual or groups of individuals? Or should our freedom of speech but limited to such hateful speech?

Limitations to our Free Speech

The following short video will discuss a few ways in which a limitless freedom of speech might be harmful. It will talk about how it can harm others if we are using it to threaten someome. It will also show how it may be harmful if we are using it for fraud or to deceive someone for our benefits by misrepresenting the truth. These are just a few of the many harms of a limitless freedom of speech.

Responsibilities of Free Speech

Our freedom of speech should be very valuable to us. It is valuable because it allows us to express our opinions and feelings that we are truly passionate about. It also gives us the opportunity to disagree to other people's opinions freely. However, like all things, it does have its limits. It should not be used to harm others in any setting. In addition, just because our opinions and beliefs differ from another individual, our freedom of speech should not be used to discriminate against that individual by using hateful speech. Let's use that wonderful privilege that we have responsibly!



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