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4 Reasons Why the 1999 Studio Album Endorama by German Thrash Metal Band Kreator is Still a Good Album

Updated on December 27, 2017

Kreator is a Thrash Metal Band That Fans Should Pay Attention to

German thrash metal band Kreator has been known for writing and releasing albums that have thrash metal with a very melodic feel. They are also one of the best thrash metal bands ever even though they briefly changed their musical style in 1999. Their 1999 studio album called Endorama is a different kind of album, an album that has a more Gothic metal sound to it and Mille Petrozza uses more soft vocals in this album. You are about to witness that Kreator is still a band that fans should really pay attention to. So how good of an album is Endorama. Well, there are four basic reasons why the album is still good, better than their 1980's albums and even better than Coma of Souls.

Kreator Band Logo

Reason #1: the Mature Vocals of Mille Petrozza

Endorama has Mille’s most mature vocal approach as he temporarily abandons the more raspy vocal style that we are used to hearing. A vocalist does not have to have the highest pitched voice to show that he is a good singer. Mille shows this and that’s one of the reasons Kreator is an elite German heavy metal band especially at this point in their career.

Reason #2: Using Thrash Metal and Gothic Metal and Making Both Styles Work Well

If a band is able to create a Gothic influenced album along with thrash metal albums and make them work out, they will be fan favorites, competitive, and they will always have a very loyal fan base. The band Amorphis is an example of a band that made a transition into a different style of music and they have excelled since 1990. Kreator has been around since 1982, changed their band name twice, and emerged as one of the finest German thrash metal bands. With Endorama, they also avoid being too one dimensional and offering the same kind of thrash metal every single album.

Reason #3: Varied Lyrical Content and Themes

The third reason why Endorama is still a good album is because of the lyrical content. Kreator's lyrics focus on a variety of themes from war, the end of the world, and other social and political issues. They stand in contrast to Tankard that usually only has lyrics about beer and partying.

Reason #4: the 1999 Studio Album Endorama

The fourth reason why the 1999 album Endorama is still a good album can be because of the first song which gets it off to a solid start, even better than they would do so in 2001. The very catchy song called Golden Age is a song about turning the corner and creating a life free of fear and free of rage. Misery has been replaced by constant ecstasy as the person has woken up to the reality of a better life. With this album, Kreator has shown when they change style that they are still able to do a great musical job.

The Song Called Golden Age

The Song Called Everlasting Flame

Endorama Album Review

Endorama represents a temporary departure from the band’s typical hard-hitting thrash metal style and even on the album’s cover, we see a picture of barren land with just a tree in the middle. The cover also shows a nomad as he wanders through the desert. It represents wanting to plant a field with better, healthier crops. Musically, Kreator would reach its peak with 2005’s Enemy of God album. The song Chosen Few is a song that is influenced by the Holy Moses song Space Clearing with the acoustic part in the song. Kreator proves that they are one of the leaders in the German heavy metal scene along with Tankard, Holy Moses, Helloween, and Blind Guardian. With the song Everlasting Flame, we hear a song that is influenced by mid-2000’s Amorphis and Finnish Gothic metal band End of You. That shows an example of a group of men that experiment musically and grow because of it. Fear is an emotion that can really hold us back from what we wannt to accomplish in our lives. As the song says, the atmosphere is dark and cold and a 17 year-old feels like he is older. This is due to his fear of life on the planet. Passage to Babylon starts with a bass line and this is a song about running to the light or your desired objective and not looking back with regret. Pandemonium is a catchy song that discusses how pandemonium has engulfed the world and the world is burning. The song criticizes organized religion but the band shows how diverse they are. Another reason is their willingness to include an instrumental song called Entry. The song is a soft piano influenced instrumental that gives us a break from the usual Kreator style songs. While Endorama is a very good album for a different kind of band that Kreator shows us that they are, it is not their best work. It is still better than 1989’s Extreme Aggression and 1990’s Coma of Souls.

The Song Chosen Few

Kreator as a Thrash Metal Band and Their Greatness

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