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Why Is Koharu Kusumi Such an Interesting Celebrity? Interesting Facts About the Former Morning Musume Singer

Updated on October 10, 2019
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A first look at the very cute Koharu Kusumi (born 1992)


Introduction to Koharu Kusumi

Koharu Kusumi is a Japanese celebrity who was once part of the popular and famous Japanese female pop music group Morning Musume. This Hub will address why she is an interesting celebrity especially after leaving that pop music super group. She at one time was also a voice actress and part of the Hello! Project label. She joined Morning Musume back in 2005 at the very young age of 12. She was the only member of the group’s 7th generation of vocalists. Prior to joining Morning Musume, she held the position of her school’s volleyball captain.

More Interesting Facts about Koharu Kusumi

  • Date of birth is July 15, 1992
  • She was born in Niigata.
  • Her main hobby is watching people.
  • Pink is her favorite color.
  • Her favorite word is miracle.
  • Her favorite foods are thick white chocolate and plums.
  • Her best special skills are impressions and using the abacus.
  • She really admires Morning Musume and singer Namie Amuro.
  • Her love of volleyball started all the way back in the 3rd grade.
  • She says that her favorite Morning Musume member is the lovely Miki Fujimoto.
  • Her favorite types of guys are the nice guys.

Koharu Kusumi the fashion model and Dream Morning Musume member

In 2006, Kusumi became a member the group Metro Rabbits H.P. but her stay in the group was only a brief year. In March 2009, she appeared on the children’s show Oha Suta on a Tokyo TV station. It was also in this same year that Kusumi announced that she was moving on to other things. She left Morning Musume and the Hello! Project label. She said that she wanted to focus on modeling. When she left, the group had the longest period of a stable lineup in its history! Kusumi then released two entire volumes of her photo book called “Sugar Doll.” Both of the volumes were released as apps for the Android phone in July 2010. Shortly after that, Kusumi joined the newly formed group called Dream Morning Musume. Their solo album Dreams 1 is an album that covers classic Morning Musume songs.

Koharu Kusumi showing that she can be very cute as well

This photo and the ones below it were taken when Hello! Project was having one of their photo sessions. Sessions like these are very common so that these Japanese idols can get more exposure.
This photo and the ones below it were taken when Hello! Project was having one of their photo sessions. Sessions like these are very common so that these Japanese idols can get more exposure.

Koharu Kusumi: the interesting year of 2011

In September 2011, she signed with a new modeling agency called ILLUME. The following month, she missed a Dream Morning Musume event due to effects from stomach flu. In late 2011, she released a single called Asamaba. This song is on Petit Best 12 as a bonus track and it is a digital single. Her highest selling single to date is Balalaika which has sold over 72,000 copies. That’s pretty good for a celebrity that has only reached her early 20's. She would cut her hair short. Koharu Kusumi is sometimes called the Miracle idol.

The song called "Balalaika!"

Koharu Kusumi works with Natsumi Abe and Kei Yasuda both of whom also sang for Morning Musume

Kusumi has been doing other activities besides singing. In November 2010, she made an appearance with the project started by former Morning Musume member Natsumi Abe. The project was called Abe Naikaku and this is a story that is about Abe Natsumi. This is the same role as her name but I bet you probably already knew that. In this project, Natsumi seeks to become Japan’s first female prime minister while being helped by her husband’s ghost. In preparation for the role, she met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. She says that he taught her that a prime minister should take responsibility for the remarks that he or she makes. During the press conference, Abe had a mustache on and at the conclusion of the conference she said that there were three rules which would be in effect. First of all, no one is permitted to sleep during the project. And then, there must be good economic effects on the restaurants near the theater. And finally, since the play was going to be performed during Christmas, the other goal was to make the theater a place suitable for romance for couples. The play lasted for five days at the Honda Theater in Tokyo from December 22-27, 2011. Also joining Kusumi and Abe for this stage play was Kei Yasuda.

Koharu Kusumi vs. Ai Kago

Which one of these former Morning Musume members has had a more interesting life?

See results

Koharu Kusumi in a bikini!


All the solo singles released by Koharu Kusumi

Koi Kana
Hapi Hapi Sunday

Koharu Kusumi releases an autobiography

Earlier in 2011 Kusumi released her autobiography that was titled “Kusumi Koharu 17 sai no Tenshoku.”

The book focuses on Kusumi’s childhood as well as her transformation from a girl that was in the country to becoming a star in the Japanese entertainment industry. The book also talks in depth about Kusumi’s time as member of Morning Musume. A few months later, she was involved in a small photo shoot with Japanese celebrity Shoko Nakagawa. During this time, the two of them exchanged books and autographs. Kusumi also took photos with fellow Dream Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi. Yaguchi who was 28 at the time was ten years older than Kusumi but still looked young enough to be 18. Fans were very impressed with the photos and were surprised to find out about the age difference between Kusumi and Yaguchi.

Koharu Kusumi's modeling career outside of Morning Musume

In June 2011, Kusumi’s childhood dream came true when she was scheduled to appear as a model for CanCam in the August edition of the magazine. Not long after her commercial appearance for Yamazaki Bread, singer Koharu Kusumi signed a modeling contract with the popular fashion magazine CanCam. Kusumi had wanted to do modeling after her departure from Morning Musume. This magazine has produced other top models such as Ryoko Yonekura, Misaki Ito, and Kyoko Hasegawa. Kusumi could not believe that this was a reality

She officially became a CanCam model for the November 2011 issue of that magazine. Congratulations to young Koharu Kusumi!

In September 2011, Kusumi made her runway debut as a model for Kobe Collection 2011 Autumn/Winter. This is one of Japan’s largest fashion shows and it took place on September 4 in Kobe and September 17 in Tokyo. The show feature many international as well as domestic brands. In the same month, Kusumi made an appearance in a commercial for Yamazaki Bread.

Gorgeous photos of Koharu Kusumi in 2013


And one final reason why Koharu Kusumi is an interesting celebrity is...

There is one person in particular that deserves credit for Kusumi’s entry into Morning Musume. That person is former member Sayumi Michishige (2003-2014). Michishige served as Kusumi’s mentor in Morning Musume. Yes, TSUNKU is the group’s main producer who said that he was looking for an ace but Michishige should be given credit for working alongside Kusumi so that she could excel and thrive. And Kusumi definitely has done just that while also showing to the world why she is an interesting celebrity. Her last single as a member of Morning Musume would be the great song Kimagure Princess. That single is interesting as well because it had much of the 5th and 6th generation members in it. These members are Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki, Eri Kamei, and Reina Tanaka. That is a fantastic way for Kusumi to have ended her career with Morning Musume!

Kimagure Princess (Kusumi's last single with Morning Musume)

Koharu Kusumi in 2017

In April 2017, Kusumi announced that she was changing agencies since her contract with JP Room was not renewed. She had signed with the talent agency called Oscar Promotion on January 1, 2017. She also has continued her career as an actress. It was announced in September 2017 that she would be a cast member on the drama called Doctor-X. She would play the role of a nurse. And on November 16, 2017, she released her 5th solo photo book called Moment.

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