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Why is This on My TV: Monster Man

Updated on March 16, 2012

Maybe it's just me but I'm starting to become a little disappointed with a lot of what I'm seeing on many of these cable television programs as of late.

Case in point the premier of Syfy's Monster man.

Monster Man takes us behind the scenes of one of Hollywood's most in demand special effects studios Sota FX, where one Cleve Hall is the man in charge (well maybe not) of creating many of Hollywood's most monstrous movie creations. Of course we get to follow Cleve and his family as they work together on one project or another, usually under a tight deadline.

The first thing that becomes abundantly clear upon seeing Cleve Hall is his appearance. If ever there were someone more suited to be called Monster Man it's Hall. With his almost jet black hair, painted fingernails (they were either a shade of blue or purple) the makeup around his eyes and the obvious contacts also in those eyes, you realize that if you were to run into Cleve in a dark alleyway there's no doubt in my mind you'd run the other way.

Oh and just as the icing on this cake, and to heighten the strange factor, Cleve drives in a "Hearse" you go figure.

Now what would a reality television show be without family and friends, and of course we get to see them on the program. Cleve works with his family in this highly stressed business. His two daughters Constance and Elora, and his ex-wife Sonja.

Cleve's taskmasters at Sota are owners Roy Knyrim and Cindy Miller who is co-owner of the shop along with Knyrim. Cleve's team of monster makers aside from his wife and two daughters are Johnnie Saiko and Hill Vinot. So now that we have the cast introductions out of the way, let's move onto the show itself and why it didn't click with me.

First off I have to say that it was interesting to see how Cleve and his team pulled of the first two projects that were a part of this first episode. Fabricating a "Two-Headed" shark out of a foam product ( I want to say Latex Foam) and a sculpt to create an appliance to join a pair of twins together for director Sean Cunningham, director of Friday the 13th.

Interesting to watch the actual modeling/sculpting process to create the appliance for the twins, and watching the actual build of the shark, but the family drama...well not so much.

The other problem with watching Monster Man is that the Syfy channel also has a program called "Face Off" that is a weekly competition show featuring contestants vying for a cash prize and a free car and a gaggle of products for the special effects and makeup industry.

I actually found that I enjoyed watching Face Off more than the first episode of Monster Man, and I'm not sure that there is a way for me to reconcile this problem.

So, I am going to watch the first episode again, just before catching the new episode next Wednesday before deciding if Monster Man is a program that I'll keep watching or just forget about.


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    • profile image

      wolfie 5 years ago

      i like the different design processes employed in the episodes but the show insults your intelligence by dangling obviously scripted, painfully redundant drama in front of your face -- from Cleve being behind schedule in every episode only to pull off the last second miracle to his daughter expressing her annoyance for not being taken more seriously -- because we live in a reality-series age where producers feel obligated to keep our feeble gnat-attention-spanned minds from drifting away and changing the program. Who falls in the demographic? 2-year olds?

    • animekid profile image

      animekid 5 years ago from Upstate NY

      Tiger thanks for commenting. It's not that I hate the program, but I expected much more from it. If you watch the program "Face Off" on Syfy then you may understand my displeasure with Monsterman. I just wanted so much more fromm this show, and I was really looking forward to the program.

      I may continue to watch it, but only through the "On Demand" option through my cable network.And I gather that you really enjoy the program because I definitely pick up your displeasure with my review here of the program.

      I'm glad that you enjoy the show...really. :)

    • profile image

      Tiger 5 years ago

      To each there own as I say, if you don't like it , don't watch it, I love horror and syfy, so I love to see how the monsters I love are brought to life. As for the family drama, it should be on the cutting room floor, but all and all I like the show, and will watch the movies, I seen the 2 headed shark attack movie on ondemand the other day, it was cool to see it all full circle. So don't hate, just turn the channel if you don't like, cool