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Why is This on My TV?: Parenthood

Updated on December 12, 2012

Christina's Hospital Christmas Eve

Welcome to another edition of Why is This on My TV on Hubpages...but you already knew that so lets begin.

Okay, I'll be the first one to say that I can be emotional, there I said it. But I dare anyone to watch an episode of NBC's weekly family drama Parenthood and not get emotional at one point or another during an episode.The show's been on TV for only two years, yet it feels like I've been watching this family drama for 10 years now!

Parenthood is a weekly drama that follows the lives of the Braverman clan, all 14 of them! This ensemble cast features the acting talents of Peter Krause, Dax Shepard, Lauren Graham and veteran actor Craig T. Nelson as war veteran and family patriarch Zeek Braverman along with actress Bonnie Bedelia in the role of his wife Camille.

What I find makes this program such a joy to watch each week are the relationships between the family members and how they intertwine together throughout each episode.

The close relationship between husband Adam (Krause) and wife Kristina (Monica Potter) and their children (now numbering three) as they struggled through eldest daughter Haddie's (Sara Ramos) growing pains as she not only grew into a young and mature adult, but was also getting ready to go off to college, leaving the safety of the family nest behind in the process.

And their son Max (Max Burkholder) has "Asberger Syndrome" can be a more than a handful, but more so when a routine function such as going to a store at a local mall or even Max's recent campaign run for his school's Student Council can become a frustrating experience due to the effects of Max's condition.

Eldest daughter Sarah was married to a performing musician. The marriage produced two kids, but ended in divorce. Sarah has been a sort of wandering soul, leaving and often (with either one or both kids in tow) returning back to her parent's home as she tries to put the pieces of her life back together.

Her latest relationship with a school teacher named Mark blossomed and for a time had peaked, as she became engaged to Mark, but then life became complicated when a photographer named Hank Rizzoli (Everybody Loves Raymond star Ray Romano) actually becomes a suitor for Sarah's affections.

After a weekend photo shoot which is nothing more than an excuse to try to see his young daughter before she's taken to (I think it's) Minnesota by her mother...Hank not only somehow coaxes Sarah to accompany him on this trip, he winds up breaking up Mark and Sarah...but honestly this was Sarah's fault because she did not put Mark's feelings ahead of Hanks.

End result...Sarah and young son Drew are back home in Sarah's parent's home.

I could go on and on and talk about the situations between husband and wife Crosby and Jasmin or Julia and her husband Joel or the problems with the recording studio in nearby Haight-Ashbury that Crosby and Adam are partners in, but what compelled me to finally write about this show was the episode that I watched this morning.

Adam and Christina have had to deal with Christina being diagnosed with breast cancer, and her trying to conduct her everyday life (and I can totally relate to this) as if there were nothing wrong with her.

There have been many tear jerk moments (Yes! I said "Tear sue me!) where I've had to catch myself before I shed way too many tears, but in this episode Christina succumbs to her illnes and has to be hospitalized on Christmas Eve.

As Adam tries to handle this on his own without upsetting the rest of the family, Christina's condition becomes dire and there is the distinct possibility that she may not survive...of course we (hope) that's not the case but in what had to be the most poignant scene of the entire season, Adam views a file that Christina's saved on her case something were to happen to her...a message for her children.

This was heart wrenching and I shed more than just a tear or two, and I didn't reach for a Kleenex. If you miss the days when a family drama/comedy could easily touches your heartstrings and still have moments of comedy that can bring a slight grin to your otherwise stoic looking face, then catchup with the Braverman clan...I dare you to not shed a tear and at certain times crack a smile as you come to understand why this is on my TV.


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