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Why is This on my TV: Face Off

Updated on January 6, 2013

Hello and Welcome to another edition of Why is This on My TV right here on Hubpages.

I've always enjoyed Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror films. And I think to an extent what's always kept me interested in these genres are the way a written novel can be brought to life on the small and big screen. Of course what most fascinates me is the technology and special effects that are employed in bringing our favorite heroes, fantasy novels and nightmarish novels to life and that always begs the question of just how that's done.

A few months back I wrote a hub about the SYFY series Monster Man, and honestly while I found the show somewhat interesting it's not a must see program for me. It just didn't show me enough about the inner workings of the industry other than the usual in-family fighting between Cleve Hall and his family and Cleve's bosses Roy Knyrim and Cindy Miller of Sota FX, as they try to bring (what I thought were) "B" movie monster creations to life for in demand film projects.

In the meantime, another show on the SYFY Channel that focused more on the actual creation of special effects in makeup was quietly (well maybe not so quietly) building a substantial viewer fan base.

The show is called Face-Off and it's now entering it's fourth season and promises to deliver more this year than any other as the competition becomes much more competitive.

And this year judges Glenn Hetrick , Ve Neill and Neville Page are going to be joined ab another titan of the industry and father to series host McKenzie Westmore, Michael Westmore.

What I find so interesting about this program is the competition and the innovation that we see brought to the forefront on each and every challenge that each season's contestants have had to face. Honestly it's amazing to see these creations start from a concept on paper to the fully realized visions that their creators were able to visualize.

It's also entertaining to see what each contestant goes through to bring that vision to life, as well as what happens when some visions fail.

The judges are industry standouts, and are more than qualified to give their insights and opinions into each contestant's makeup creations.

The prizes that the contestants compete for include a car and a generous cash prize amount,as well as having the honor of being the Face-Off winner of that season.

If your mesmerized by the special effects and makeup of such films as The Lord of the Rings, Beetlejuice and such horror fare as The Alien and Predator movie franchises than you won't be disappointed with Face-Off, and season 4 kicks off on the 15th of January at 9pm on the SYFY Network.


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      5 years ago

      I watched Monster Man as well, but really it’s nothing in comparison to what I’ve seen with Face Off. I’ve watched all of the past seasons too, but from what my coworker at DISH showed me with the trailer, I definitely feel like this one will be the best yet! I can’t wait to see what they come up with, so I’ll definitely make sure to set a recording timer for it on my DISH Hopper before the 15th. There are a lot of other shows I’m looking forward to back this month as well, so I’m very happy I now have 2,000 hours of entertainment I can store with my DVR. Now I have plenty of room for this season and all of my other favorites back this month as well. I can’t wait! :)


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