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Why is This on my TV?: Tanked

Updated on May 13, 2013

Okay for me this is a no-brain er!

I've always enjoyed looking at fish is aquariums, so it's no wonder that I've always had some sort of aquarium where ever I've lived. In my home now, I have a 72 gallon " Bow" aquarium with a "Saltwater" setup, so when my wife and I found this show about two "New Yorkers" who moved to Vegas and built their dream business...which just happened to be aquarium building we were both hooked.

Tanked on Animal Planet (now on Friday nights) features Wade King and Brett Raymer and their family including Brett's sister (who just happens to be Wade's wife) Heather and father ( also known as "The General") Irwin Raymer.

What I love about this show is two fold:

The interaction not just with the King-Raymer family dynamic, but with the company's employees as well. Pranks are just a part of the show...usually between Wade and Brett, although it was really funny when "The General" was made to dress up in a full "Kiss" outfit.

Another prank was pulled on this last episode where the guys had to fabricate a tank that was placed inside a huge "beer fermenter" and the guys pranked one of their employees who happened to be inside the tank for (whatever) reason and soaked him with me you had to see the whole sequence to really appreciate the prank.

The other part of this show that (for me anyway) is the best part is to see the completed tanks with the fish placed in them. These tanks are always custom made and some of these tanks are just incredible.

A "KISS" themed tank, a "Dunkin Donuts" tank and the aforementioned "Beer" tank are just a few of the incredible tanks that are created by "ATM" (Aquarium Tank Manufacturing), the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation.

Hats off to not only wade and Brett and family and (of course) their employees, but to Animal Planet for airing one of the most interesting (and fun) programs on cable TV, and congrats to ATM on their move into larger digs...which for me will equate to more tank building and more wonder as these two New Yorkers continue to build any tank that "You and Dream" of having.


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