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Why is rapper Nelly so appealing?

Updated on October 3, 2012

Nelly is still living large almost 12 years since he came on the scene. He has been partying it up with Chris Brown and Sean Kingston at Lil Wayne's birthday party and playing basketball at a Celebrity basketball game. Nelly is an incredible success story and has sold 21 million albums in the United States alone.

I guess the thing that is appealing about Nelly is how the negative feedback he received when he started his career did not deter from trekking on a new road to stardom. Nelly also has a carefree demeanor around him that makes you not only marvel at his success. Nelly imparts words of wisdom through his lyrics in his signature smooth, calming style. I play a lot of his songs over and over again, yeah, over and over again.

Nelly has great appeal with the ladies. But, I guess anytime your rolling in the dough, you probably will get that. Still, there is no denying that women find Nelly attractive and a lot of men are usually impressed when a man is able to snag women with ease. The St. Louis rapper has definitely been appreciative of women through his lyrics and he has fine taste. Have you seen Ashanti lately?

The rapper has been seen as sexist with that infamous "Tip Drill" music video being a highlight of this. Nonetheless, the cute thing is that this only makes him that much more attractive to females. Besides, he does have a chiseled physique that he has no problem showing off.


Nelly basically oozes confidence. All you have to do is turn on "Heart of a Champion" or "Hot in Here" to realize how overconfident and at times arrogant he can be. It was like that time when he released an album during the recession and fans knew that he wasn't going to be rapping about it. There was also the instance of him blowing $5000 on strippers and then feeling bad and donating $5000 to charity to make up for the bad press.

The thing I have enjoyed about Nelly and his music is his passion for sports. There are so many sports icons and others that Nelly has mentioned in his songs. He owns a part of the Charlotte Bobcats and his love for football comes across in his music with Julius Peppers making a cameo in his best-selling 'Hot in here' music video. I definitely loved his part in the movie The Longest Yard.

Nelly has an eye for business and making money. It is one thing to be platinum selling and sell 32 million records. But his success in raking in the cash is legendary. It is so easy for rappers to blow money on the cars and the big homes and then go broke.

One of my favorite Nelly songs

What makes Nelly so appealing?

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    • profile image

      Josh 4 years ago

      You seem like a guy who has been very well inspired by him. Do you walk around in oversized football jerseys and admire women in cornrows?

      Haha., I can definitely see it in your Hubs!!