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Why is shutting down technology a good thing?

Updated on August 1, 2017
Shut down your computer and cell phone, why not talk to people face to face
Shut down your computer and cell phone, why not talk to people face to face

Why is shutting down technology a good thing?

Technology is limitless now or at least it feels that way. When you think of the world today and you think of it as it was ten years ago, what has changed? A limitless number of things have changed when it comes to technology. Ten years ago, cell phones were only for emergencies, and the internet was not what everyone goes too now. We still used dictionaries and recipe books. Now if you were to do that, people would look at you like you were crazy unless it is a recipe you came up with and wrote down yourself. What if we didn’t turn towards technology for a day? What would happen then? If you were to shut technology down for a day what would you do? Have you ever thought of shutting down your technology and why would that be a good thing? would it be a good thing to bring people back to the reality of actually spending time together face to face? Technology today is limitless or at least that is how it is used.

I had a hard time figuring out a way to write this piece. The reason why is because I was actually going to try and turn off all of my technology except for my computer. However, that is a bit difficult for me as I use my cell phone for my notes about my posts, also to take pictures and to communicate with my parents on a daily basis. Most people in today’s day, don’t have house phones because everyone in their house has cell phones, and it is cheaper to have a cell phone then it is a house phone. With everyone having cell phones, now we are all addicted to technology and it is never turned off. People don’t actually talk to each other, face to face, or call each other on the phone. Even when people go out to dinner together they are using, their cell phones instead of talking to the person sitting across from them.

Sometimes you are even texting the person sitting across from you or someone different entirely. When you are with someone else, why do people do that, though? That is the question. Why not shut down your devices and actually talk to the people around you. When you shut down your devices, you can see the world through a different perspective, and actually, experience it the way it was meant to be experienced. What did we do, before we had technology? Like cell phones, the internet, television, and computers? We talked to people face to face and we wrote letters, we didn’t send an email or a facebook message. With technology though things are instant and limitless because all technology can be right at our fingertips all day long.

We should try to do that again when you shut down your technology what do you feel? I am sure people are thinking I feel lost, I can’t live without my laptop or cell phone and being on social media all day long. I know the feeling, especially because I work with social media all day long. Sometimes I wish that I could shut it off and not worry about it. I have done that too, but when I do that, I keep asking myself, if I am missing something that my social media and my cell phone remind me, throughout the day. I am not addicted to it, like some people, though. So yes I can shut technology down and just read a book or actually talk to people face to face.

Shutting down technology is a way to bring back normal conversation, friendship and giving people a sense of closeness. If you shut down your phones and the internet and actually have a normal conversation with people, where you use your words and see the person face to face to see their expression rather than typing it and trying to judge their expression from what is written back.

When you shut down technology you bring yourself, back in-touch with reality. What I mean by that, is before the 21st century we didn’t have cell phones and computers or the internet where you can now access social media. You actually had to talk to people face to face, there was no technology involved or very little, which made people actually have to go out and see people face to face rather than sending them an email, facebook message or a text. You didn’t even really have telephones then. Which we have now.

Shut down technology every once in a while
Shut down technology every once in a while

Shut it down

Shutting down technology is a good thing because your brain and body both slow down, you can think and actually see what is around you, rather than having things instantly there and looking at it through a screen instead of the real thing. When you shut down technology don’t you find that you can think and process things a bit easier than if you use it all the time? I know that if I actually could shut technology down for an entire day I would probably be more relaxed. Either that or I would go stir crazy because I am a blogger and a journalist so I am using social media and things to do with media constantly. Not that I can’t stop using it, because I can I do, but it is just not as common for me as it would be for someone else. Shutting down technology gives you a break, from the fast paced world we call it in today’s day and age. So if you need to slow down why not try shutting down technology and see what that does? I have done it and it works and I am a very big media person so if it can work for a media person it can work for anyone.

It can give a limitless amount of new perspective about life when you shut it down and do something that doesn't require media at all. Take a hike, go for a bike ride get out in nature away from technology and be one with the things around you as well as the people instead of glued to a device. Shutting down technology is essentially getting you back to the real world where you can limitless conversations with people face to face, go explore outside and get fresh air. Be there for the people around you, instead of on your phones or devices. That is why shutting down technology is a good thing.

You are fully present when you shutdown technology and we need that sometimes and so do the other people in our lives. So do that every once in a while you will live if you don't have your phone on all the time nothing is going to burn down because you don't use your cell phone for a few hours. Think of it that way and remember that the next time you are glued to it. when people are around.

shut down and unplug
shut down and unplug

Take A Break From Technology

Technology is limitless because we are always using it. We could shut it off, but without it, we feel as though we are lost because we are so addicted to it. We use technology for everything and that is why it is always on, but we should shut it down every once in awhile and get in touch with reality talk to people face to face, instead of texting them that type of thing.

Is shutting down technology a good thing? Let's Discuss

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