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Why is the Cartoon Episode "Health Spa" in Inspector Gadget Significant?

Updated on August 4, 2019
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is looking to always explore his writing opportunities.

This Episode Has More Than Just Comedic & Entertainment Value

There are episodes in animated cartoons that have a symbolism or some kind of significance beyond the fun and entertainment value in them. One such example is the episode titled “Health Spa” in the famous cartoon Inspector Gadget and this one is just the 6th episode out of a total 86 that there would end up being in the show’s 3 year airing history.

Characters Penny & Brain

Reason #1 for Health Spa Being a Significant Episode in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Health Spa is one of the most significant episodes in the show’s history because it highlights the importance of exercise especially if it is done daily. Exercise gives us oxygen and plenty of extra energy so that we don’t get tired too soon.

In the Episode the Health Spa is Actually Not a Health Spa in the Literal Sense

Even Inspector Gadget in the start of the episode realizes the importance of exercise, saying to himself that he should jog to work every morning. As he walks into his boss Chief Quimby’s office, the Chief is reviewing Gadget’s files and work history and he determines that his top detective deserves a vacation. Gadget has just won a week away to a health spa which actually turns out to be a huge gym in a run-down building set up by Dr. Claw to make sure that Inspector Gadget is eliminated. Inspector Gadget is forced to do many different exercises such as lift free weights at various amounts of heaviness, jump on a trampoline, play basketball, and he is even put into a place where top agent Madame and the other agents of Dr. Claw try to torture him. When Inspector Gadget jumps on the trampoline, Madame lifts a lever which opens up the trampoline, revealing a body of water with crocodiles below. Fortunately for Inspector Gadget, his loyal pet dog Brain is there and helps him to avoid falling down there because Brain uses himself as a mat to help Gadget.

Reason #2 for the Episode Health Spa Being Sgnificant

Health Spa is also one of those episodes that points out at least indirectly the importance of a balanced diet in addition to a regular exercise routine.

Heath Spa Highlights the Importance of Regular Exercise & a Balanced Diet

Gadget is brought different kinds of food including a slice of lamb, a bowl of green salad, and an apple. However, when preparing the food, one of the agents of Dr. Claw puts a poisonous substance in the food to try and subdue Gadget. But as usual, Brain saves the day including at the very end of the episode when they realize that their uncle is about to eat a cake that is not actually a real cake. The most important lesson that viewers should be able to learn by watching this is that regular exercise and a balanced diet are very important for maintaining good health.

So there we have two main reasons why the episode Health Spa is so significant and adds meaning for real life.

Memorable Quotes in the Episode Health Spa

“Is that somebody at the door?”

“No, no its nothing.”

Inspector Gadget and agent Madame

"Health Spa"

© 2018 Ara Vahanian


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