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Why is this on my TV: American Chopper Senior vs Junior

Updated on December 28, 2010

Have you ever worked with your Dad in a business? I have, many ,many years ago. It was a radiator shop and in the beginning it was okay. It was a radiator shop and we repaired radiators. As I stayed at the shop longer, it became clear to me that this was my dad's business and that I was just an employee there period. There was a pretty heated argument about the whole thing one day after we disagreed about how he had handled a customer complaint situation. Plainly enough, I would have done things differently, and my mom said to me that " Your father is not a great business person " but in the end it was His Business and after that discussion, I left the family business never to return.

The business closed down several months later, but not because of anything that was remotely associated with me, and that experience of working with my dad has kind of given me an understanding of the family dynamic of the TLC/Discovery cable television show American Chopper Senior vs Junior. I started watching this cable network show a few years back and of course the main reason for this was because of the basic " Dynamic " between Paul Teutul seniro and Paul Teutul jr, and the on and off again appearances of the third Teutul Michael ( Mikey ) who usually brings the comic relief to the show, but he real attraction of this cable show is two fold...

  • Seeing the beautiful, innovative custom bike creations.

And that's really the basic appeal of this show. If you happen to be a motor bike enthusiast, then of course you will be interested in the weekly goings on of the show. You want to see what the next bike build is. And do not get me wrong, there have been some incredible bike creations over the years that we have been able to witness through the camera's eye and our television screens.

But for me the appeal is a little different, first because of my earlier experiences with my dad, and also because I happen to live in Orange County NY, and I get to see and hear a lot of the things that actually happen with the Teutul clan in real time...sort of.

I have to say that I can understand how Paul jr feels about things, not that I do not think that he's a bit spoiled and that he may not recognize what he actually has going for himself with the continued success of the Teutul's show on cable, but I have to wonder if just maybe this is not all just a way to keep this series going for one more season, as I believe that last year would have been the final season of American Chopper. I also thought that the series had kind of slipped somewhat in it's ratings over the last few years, so for me anyway it does raise theses types of questions, but I have to imagine that with all the added coverage of the Teutul feud happenings on tv and in the local newspaper, that it has in fact helped the series ratings.

It may also be something that has helped Paul jr's new business get a leg up possibly, and of course it certainly couldn't hurt it any as I do believe in the common mindset that any publicity is good publicity.

So, here's to another year of viewing the feuding Teutul clan on cable tv, but frankly at this point, I could take it or leave it.


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    • animekid profile image

      animekid 7 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hi there Big Ocean. I remember working with my Dad in his radiator shop many, many years ago, and there was no question as to just who's shop it was. I am very much reminded of those days when ever I watch one of these episodes on cable. Of course as I said in the hub, I happen to live in the area where all of this happens and so when it hit's the local papers I get to read about it first, and I have caught some of the radio interviews ans they have sometimes caught me by surprise as I have hard time believing what gets said back and forth between the parties involved.

    • bigocean profile image

      George Bogosian 7 years ago from New England


      We ride bikes and just started watching the show. It's a hoot and a half...Paul Sr. is somewhat challanged in personal motivation (and motivation of others) and really doesn't know how to communicate with Paul jr...but that's half the reason to watch the show. The second being watching the creative process and the varied forms it can take. I also enjoy seeing the bikes created..with no the moment to own a chopper...we love our cruising bikes...and we did get enough attention in sixth grade. It's nice seeing folks take pride in their work and collaborate in the bike creations.