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Why it is a good thing that Pokémon do not exist

Updated on February 22, 2014
Pokémon are as dangerous as modern day tigers
Pokémon are as dangerous as modern day tigers | Source

Pokémon. If they were real there would be a huge threat to the world. I have previously written about the advantages Pokémon. Here is the sad truth, Pokémon are incredibly smart and dangerous creatures. The problems are not identified in the show or on the games in any great detail but surely in the fictional world of Pokémon there must be huge disadvantages to their existence.

One of the obvious dangers with Pokémon would be amongst the fire types. If you were to possess these within your house you risk something being set alight either accidentally or on purpose but more often than not it will be accidentally unless you are unable to train your Pokémon. One example would be a Pokémon such as Charmander which has a constant flame on its tail. With a creature of this type running around the house you run the risk of things catching alight. For example if the flame were to come into contact with any of your possessions. If you happen to either not be in the house at the time or if you are asleep then there is a real risk of serious damage. This would cause fire departments a lot of trouble which would also increase taxes as fire departments would need more money in order to help with the growing number of cases. Of course you could prevent this by keeping the Pokémon in their Pokéballs but then that would be hugely unfair on the Pokémon. This is why there would be constant problems with such creatures.

Pokémon are of course wild creatures that have been tamed. This means that deep down they will have instincts of a wild nature. This could be dangerous for people who own Pokémon. If their Pokémon have not been properly trained they may show signs of how dangerous they can be as a wild creature. For example just their size could cause problems with many Pokémon being larger than humans meaning that people could easily get overpowered.

Pokémon know a variety of dangerous moves that could include some form of fire or electricity. These are potentially lethal abilities. People that do not know how to train their Pokémon properly could be at risk from damage from their Pokémon. This would potentially create havoc amongst many people and potentially laws would have to be put in place in order to protect people from any danger. This is why many people at the age 10 are given a small starter Pokémon in the video game in which they learn how to raise Pokémon, so maybe this could be a solution.

Pokémon could be used in war as potentially harmful weapons
Pokémon could be used in war as potentially harmful weapons | Source

With the abilities that many Pokémon possess, there is the potential for them to be used for evil purposes for example within the anime show it is shown how Pokémon can be used for evil in the form of Team Rocket. Of course they do not use the effectively there would still be potential for large organisations to use Pokémon for evil and this could cause harm to a large majority of people. Large countries like North Korea could use Pokémon in war. Pokémon are portrayed as very smart creatures and they have the potential of inflicting a large amount of damage. In the television show it is not shown whether the Pokémon are used in any sort of war but there is still potential for it. Many countries all over the world use dogs within their armies to carry out certain tasks that humans are not capable of, this means that Pokémon could be used to do this as well. It is possible that they would be used in war as they could be seen to be indispensable.

Also countries or other organisations would possibly hunt down and would want to capture the rare and powerful legendary Pokémon. They would want to do this for either financial reasons or to gain a large amount of power. If a country had a legendary Pokémon such a Lugia in its power then they would use it for evil. Also large organisations would aim to steal Pokémon in order to use them for evil, for example some of the rarer Pokémon that people have spent a large amount of time training and raising would be stolen for other people to use for evil and to harm others.

Pokémon would also have the ability for others to harm others. There would be an increase in crime where people are using their Pokémon in order to carry out crimes. Pokémon have a wide variety of abilities and can be very dangerous and could potentially be used to harm other human beings. This is something which criminals would see as an opportunity to harness the power of Pokémon and use them within their crimes.

Police type organisations would need to help out with the protection of Pokémon
Police type organisations would need to help out with the protection of Pokémon | Source

Pokémon would be just like animals to us so they therefore need to be treated as such. There would need to be some sort of association that would help protect the Pokémon from potentially harmful owners. In my mind this would be run by a subsidiary group of the Pokémon centre as they seem to be ones that care for Pokémon. With this it would cost a large amount of money. The Pokémon centre is a non-profit organisation that would possibly become nationalized as people would always need to help heal their Pokémon, if they have been battling. This would raise taxes and would displease people. It would be the Pokémon equivalent of the NHS and would need a large amount of money which would need to come from the government. This is something that would displease a large majority of the population. There would be a number of other services that would need to come from the government in order to protect people and their Pokémon. This would again potentially raise taxes.

With every single 10 year old from all the regions leaving home and becoming Pokémon trainers there is another problem. Firstly they’re only 10 years old and they are potentially travelling alone. They are at a clear risk of many potential dangers such as being robbed or being the target of paedophiles. Also they have only been going to school for a maximum of 5 years meaning that they are largely uneducated this will cause many problems for society in the long run. This would mean that society cannot become advanced if everyone is going off to become a Pokémon trainer. Maybe there would have to be some sort of criteria that they would have to fill in order to become a trainer. Another solution could be that they could only leave to become a trainer after they have finished school.

Also they are unemployed because becoming a Pokémon trainer will not gain then a suitable income unless they are something special, which I doubt most of them are. This will lead to a number of problems one would be that as a large majority of people do not have a suitable income so they would not be able to support the large nationalised organisations such as the Pokémon centre. This would lead to riots and other public displays of anger against the system, maybe there wouldn't be riots but the economy would surely be in pieces.

All in all Pokémon are possibly not all they would be cracked up to be. They are potentially very dangerous and sanctions would need to be put in place to help society cope with them. However if humans had developed and evolved alongside Pokémon this would have all been sorted out along the way and modern day Pokémon land would be a place of peace and harmony.


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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      It sounds like fun and what you could do with Pokèmon is awesome! Training Rapidashes to horserace and Pidgeots and -ottos to fly you places-- you could put your kid on a Ponyta and trot the Pokèmon and train the kid, and you'd use much less $$$ flying, just spend five bucks for 30 potions rather than 60 bucks for a hundred miles o' gas. Sure, some may be dangerous, but Ponytas and Rapidashes learn to not burn the people they like/love. You could capture harmful ones and train them not to harm! Sheesh, way too many pessimists here!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      It would be interesting and lots of fun having a pokemon world,but yes it could be quite dangerous,for example,beedrills,those would be a pain,and yes,fire pokemon.But theres at least a few docile pokemons.Like maybe the Skitty,and i heard if you pull a persians whisker it will go docile,and maybe a butterfree,you guys know what i mean,but keep away the dagerous ones.And make sure to keep your fire pokemons in a pokeball.I understand if you disagree with me,i'm just giving my opinion.Thanks :)

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      The arguement is invalid since if you look it up, Pokemon have been with humans or centuries i.e. pokemon conquest and this person is talking about our current society using them. Like they just pop up out of no where and governments start being evil. If as a race we already had prior use of pokemon as, explained in x and y, there would be war but soon enough the war has to end. And when person says these organizations do it wrong. Team Rocket had a foot hold of Kanto and almost took it over. This isn't really based off of anything but opinion.

    • profile image

      Sarah G 

      3 years ago

      I think if Pokémon did exist they would probably be exstinked due to poaching.

    • dailytop10 profile image


      5 years ago from Davao City

      Inventing Pokeballs is a good start...Great hub! Very interesting for a Pokémon fan like me. I still can't imagine having a blastoise in our pool but it could be fun don't you think? hahah


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