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Why people give away magic secrets

Updated on April 17, 2012
This is real magic, I am sure of it.
This is real magic, I am sure of it. | Source

So you want to know all the secrets, magic secrets. Why? Oh so you can give them away, I see.

I have thought long and hard about this, by that I mean 5 minutes or so. (come attention span last as long as

Where was I?

So, why do people give away magic secrets. Well, according to my sources. ( me and myself) thanks guys. It is because of many different things. So lets start with the simplest. They do because they can. In our modern world of fancy electronic gizmo's and um.. toilet paper. We have evolved to the point were information is everywhere at the touch of a button. Including secrets, secrets that would have "got you dead" in the medieval times. The point is that everything you want to learn is readily available. What do you do with this information? Use it, sell it, or give it away.

They do it, because they can. No one can tell them not to. When you were in school, if you learned a magic trick you were the man. The only rule I remember is, DON'T TELL HOW YOU DID IT. After you told, because you were a kid and that's what kids do, everyone learned it and it became nothing special. Now, is just like then, they learn something cool, and they tell everyone. If you don't know how its done, and don't want to know, then do not watch it. I guess.

They do it, because they were tricked. That is right, no one likes to be fooled. These little rascals will find the secret and spread it faster then viral marketing ad about dinosaurs and machine guns that turn into asparagus hub....but seriously, it is fast. They try to get back at whoever tricked them. Some people hold a certain grudge against there tormentors. It's a trick, get over it, but I digress.

They do it, because they like attention. This one is a classy way to do it. Not really. Everyone in the world likes attention, some more than other, but everyone. They do it specifically to get looked at as some sort of awesome authority figure on the subject. Some people feel they need to be the best. Yea good luck jack wagon. It is a need that they can not fill, so they do everything they can to get it.

Whether it is a personal vendetta, or because they need attention, either way it is dumb. Magic has been around forever, and it will stay around forever. I can do a trick, I can make your attitude disappear, yuh jerks. I also know cards tricks. back to the point. Magicians all over the world are tired of this. Last week, I saw a card trick I wanted to learn. So I went Youtube, looked it up, with the solution, and bam... not impressed anymore. It was quite a simple device, but someone thought it up. Someone put time and effort into these tricks, to learn, to build, to show them. Everyone one who exposes one if these tricks, is just making it harder for people to be amazed. We all need to be amazed, to be in awe, and to wonder. No one should have to deal with anyone giving away any of there secrets. Anyone who does this deserves to... well, disappear.


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