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Why should you watch these tv shows?

Updated on December 1, 2014

People with normal lives watch tv at least once a day. It satisfies one of the basic needs of entertainment. We surf around and find an eyecatching scene or look up the tv guide and select a random show hoping it would be worth our time. We invest time and money and sometimes get hooked. So, for all tv viewers, I am putting up a list with my review of some of the worth mentioning tv shows.

Here it goes:-

1. Game of Thrones - There would hardly be a person who has watched tv and doesn't know about Game of Thrones. Yes, its that famous. So, what's so interesting about it? To start with, it is based on a 7-book series named " A Song Of Ice and Fire" written by George R. R. Martin. Five have been published, two are in making.

Consider it the new The Lord of Rings or the new Star Wars. It's a phenomena which occurs once in a lifetime. Game of Thrones is a fantasy series which means it occurs in a thought up world. Everything in that world is different- the geography, the history, the fashion, the monsters, the gods. Who wouldn't want to experience such a world and learn new facts day by day. In short, Game of Thrones covers up everything- from politics to wars, from conflict of interests to political murders, from ideals to cruelty, from surprises to disappointments. Watching each episode is like getting on a roller coaster and wanting to go again.

2. Breaking Bad - Ever seen a show that makes you say "Awesome". Well, if not, its that show. Breaking Bad is the story of a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer on the account of him being diagnosed with cancer. The witty ways of Walter White to get out of any dangerous situation are applaudable. The cinematography, the editing and the acting are brilliant. Don't miss out on such fun.

3. Death Note - Death Note is one of the best anime I've ever seen. The concept behind the show is pure genius. There are gods called shinigamis who keep a track of deaths in their notebooks. A notebook falls on earth and a human starts controlling the shinigami by writing in the book. Even if you have just disrespect for animes, you should watch this one. It will change your preception. Its a show that'll keep you hooked.

4. Dexter - Michael C. Hall, playing as Dexter in the show, steals the show from the start to the end. The monologues of Dexter in the show are just stunning. Dexter is a psychopath who has an addiction for hunting. But he lives with a code his surrogate father taught and only hunts other psychopaths in Miami. Dexter encaptures the dark side of every human and brings an appeal to it.

5. Homeland - A drama enterwining terrorists and CIA. The conspiracies, the actions, the sacrifices, the love paves the way for an entertaining saga. It starts off with a marine held captive by terrorists being brought back to U.S. and an information from a source to a bipolar CIA agent of a double agent. She ( the bipolar agent ) starts connecting the dots and poof, magic happens. If you like mysteries this is the one for you.

Which one is your favorite?

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