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Why the SEC is the strongest Conference in America

Updated on February 14, 2011

The SEC, (South Eastern Conference) is a Division FBS super conference in NCAA football, winning National Championships in 1998 ( Tennessee), 2003 (LSU), 2006 (Florida) 2007(LSU) 2008 ( Florida), 2009 ( Alabama), and 2010 (Auburn). In 2004, an 13-0 Auburn team was left out of the NCAA championship. There are 12 SEC teams, divided in 2 sections, the East and in the West.

The West includes powerhouses:
Mississippi State

The East includes:
South Carolina

The SEC is the toughest conference known to football. These stats compare the SEC vs all the other BCS conferences

SEC is 53-34-2 against the Big 10
SEC is 168-145-10 against the ACC
SEC is 30-16-4 against the Pac 10
SEC is 72-67-3 against the Big 12
SEC is 51-34-4 against the Big East

374-296-23 (55.8%)

Florida is 39-31-3 against BCS Conferences (55.7%)
Georgia is 47-15-3 against BCS Conferences (75.8%)
Alabama is 33-18-2 against BCS Conferences (64.7 %)
Auburn is 36-19-1 against BCS Conferences (65.5%)
Tennessee is 41-21-6 against BCS Conferences (66.1%)
LSU is 24-21-1 against BCS Conferences (53.3%)
Arkansas is 33-35-0 against BCS Conferences (48.5%)
Miss State is 12-12-0 against BCS Conferences (50.0%)
Ole Miss is 5-6-0 against BCS Conferences (45.5%)
Vanderbilt is 23-24-0 against BCS Conferences (48.9%)
Kentucky is 32-34-3 against BCS Conferences (48.5%)
South Carolina is 49-57-4 against BCS Conferences (46.2%)

So if an SEC team faces another team of any conference, The SEC has a 60% of winning. This is a result of better coaches, better facilities and better recruiting. The SEC is in the top 10 yearly in recruiting. The SEC is faster, bigger, and meaner than all the other conferences.

The SEC superiority showed in the National Championship game, and shows no signs of slowing down. If your team is facing an SEC team, the only advice i give you is pray. The SEC is here to stay folks. GEAUX SEC!


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