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Blue October in my opinion

Updated on February 15, 2017
Blue October
Blue October

Calling You

This would be the first song I listened to from Blue October. I was 17 'cruising' in my Honda Civic (as you do at 17) parked up under the library and my friend had this playing in his car. This song would then be on repeat in my car for a long time to come.

Hate Me

Sounds like a depressing title but this song is beyond words. When I first went to see blue october I had only ever heard 'calling you' and 'hate me' but I knew I wanted to see them live, which I did at Birmingham O2 academy England.

Blue October Justin Furstenfeld
Blue October Justin Furstenfeld

Justin Steward Furstenfeld

Justin like many singers has had a troubled past from drug issues to messy battles trying to gain custody of his daughter. A lot of Blue October songs reflect his past emotions and feelings. Non more so than 'The Worry List'

Angels in everything

The video to this song is just superb, the actress is stunningly beautiful. The lyrics just make you stop and pay attention to every word.

The feel again (stay)

Try not to cry! Very emotional song that touches you. This song sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it.


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