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5 reasons why you should watch Weeds

Updated on May 4, 2011

Weeds season 7 teaser pic

weeds season 7 fan site
weeds season 7 fan site | Source

If you've even watched one episode of this American comedy on ShowTime, you could write pages answering this question. With the last season of Weeds coming up this July, there might not be another chance to chew the fresh, green weeds. So anybody who hasn't watched this show, but looking for a reason to catch up with the final season, here's my say on why to watch Weeds TV Series.

Already a fan?!

For spoilers, pics and videos for the upcoming season, check out Weeds Season 7 fan page.

Weeds family

Weeds as addictive as real weeds

You will love Weeds,

if your kind of humor is dark and sarcastic like a bar of 70% cocoa chocolate.

if you believe that witty dialogs are more important than funny acts

if you appreciate glamor and eroticism, Weeds has them in abundance.

if you're looking for escapism, this works!

Reasons why you should watch weeds

1. Every episode and every scene conveys a very casual comedy as a matter of fact that will make you want to follow every single line of dialogue.

2. The storyline is simple. Nancy, a widowed mother who attempts to sell marijuana inorder to raise her children. As the business goes on, Nancy gets into a lot of complications and she does all sorts of odd stuffs to get herself out of the mess. The highlight of the series lies in the extraordinarily funny way in which Nancy and her family try to solve a trouble while putting themselves into another bigger one!

3. Andy is one star of the show who is destined to make you laugh till it hurts. It's really funny to see his expressions during his famous session with Shane educating him about his boy-man transition.

4. The show also has the bitter and bitten Celia Hodes who comes in Nancy's way every now and then. There are people who watch this show just for Celia. Sad that she didn't appear during Season 6.

Drug dealing mommy

Nancy- the best and worst mom ever

5. The protagonist of the series Nancy Botwin who effortlessly romances with every man on her way to money is actually a 46-year-old Marie Louisse Parker. The creator Jengi Kohan needs separate accolades for his sharp casting. For her age, Nancy is gorgeous and flawless in revealing scenes. After all, revealing scenes are what Weeds is mostly made of!

Every episode of Season 6 saw Nancy beating her own record of being the worst mom ever. But on the other side of every chaos is a mother struggling to make a good life for her children.

If you are new to Weeds...

If you haven't watched this series at all and want to catch up with the gloss and glamor of the last season, I suggest you try to start watching from Season 1. The plot is very deep and the dialog, quick and witty to keep you hooked.

Else if you can't spend so much time, you can get a quick recap of what happened till Season 7 at Weeds Season 7 fan sites. 

Will you watch Weeds Season 7

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Are you too eagerly awaiting Weeds? Why not write your mind?!

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    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico

      I didn´t know about this TV series until a week ago, when I signed up in Netflix and it appeared as an option in the TV series genre of my account. Your review came in quite handy, I am going to give it a try and watch the first series.

    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 6 years ago from New York

      I must have been living in a cave, because I never heard of Weeds until I saw your hub, but thanks for writing about it. Now, you got me curious.