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WildaBeast Adams: Founder of the ImmaBeast Dance Crew

Updated on July 2, 2017
WildaBeast Adams | Founder of the ImmaBeast Dance Crew
WildaBeast Adams | Founder of the ImmaBeast Dance Crew

If you're an aspiring dancer, choreographer, or someone who's impressed by stunning dance performances, Wildabeast Adams is a name you'll want to know, and you're probably already familiar with his ImmaBeast Dance Crew.

Adams has a YouTube channel that features incredibly hot Hip-Hop performances by sizzling "ImmaBEAST" dancers, such as Janelle Ginestra, KayKay Gobert, Jade Chynoweth, Antwon Collier and Ade Willis, to name a few.

WildaBeast has worked with Kaycee Rice, Taylor Hatala, Reese Hatala, and Larsen Thompson, and all of the dancers exposed to Adams have gone viral due their exposure or collaboration on the channel; so, who is Wildabeast Adams?

WildaBeast Adams
WildaBeast Adams

Who is WildaBeast Adams?

Wiliam Adams is the "Wildabeast," he is a 28 year old, professional Hip-Hop dancer, choreographer and DJ from Indiana.

Adams trained in his hometown of Indianapolis and in Chicago. During his early years he traveled to many dance conventions, like Monsters of Hip Hop and Pulse on Tour.

Eventually, Adams joined a local Indianapolis dance crew named "Destined 2 Be." Adams and his "Destined 2 Be" crew went on to stun the dance world by taking top honors and a perfect score, two years in a row at the Indiana Black Expo...this was an historic first accomplishment.

Professional success knocked hard on his door, when he made it through two rounds of America's Got Talent, this exposure got him bookings in commercials, short films, and movies. In 2009, Adams made the move to Los Angeles. In just one year after moving to LA, Adams secured spots dancing on tour for T-Pain,choreographing commercials for Nike, and guest choreography for So You Think You Can Dance?

Who is Your Favorite Dancer of All Time?

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The Creation of WildaBeast Adams & His ImmaBeast Dance Crew

By the time 2013 rolled around, Wildabeast Adams created the Immabeast dance company, where he auditioned hundreds of the finest dancers across the country, but only about 60 made the final cut.

Together with his Immabeast dancers, he began making creative short films, and choreographed Hip Hop dance videos that have amassed millions of views, and legions of devoted followers on YouTube.

Since Wildabeast Adams burst onto the scene, his Immabeast dance company has been sought after by the best dancers in the country, his annual Immabeast audition has since sprouted a super successful workshop and training event, dubbed the BuildaBeast Experience, he has choreographed music videos for major recording artists, as well as major Hollywood studios, and major entertainment industry awards shows.

On a more personal note, Adams and his partner Jinelle Ginestra have recently wed, and the duo have become an unstoppable force in the entertainment industry.

As you can probably already imagine, Ginestra is a talented and accomplished dancer/choreographer who's dance moves appear to flow like water from a tap, and when the couple dance together, their performance is nothing short of spectacular; take a peak at the couple dance to Take You Down, by Hip-Hop recording artist Chris Brown - they are the first couple shown in the video:

WildaBeast Adams Creative Video

The following video features Adams and Ginestra in a creative video based off of the official music video for the RIAA Certified Platinum song, Scream, by Michael Jackson.

The original video featured Michael and his sister Janet Jackson in a space themed short, and the song is a reaction song to the unsavory allegations against Michael.

Wildeabeast Adams created, choreographed and danced in the video as a tribute to his fallen hero, and a reaction to the hate that exists in the world today:

In his short time in the spotlight, Adams has become a powerhouse influencer in the world of Hip Hop. Much like his stated idol, the late Michael Jackson, Wildabeast Adams has become a major influence to dancers all over the world.

Take a Peak at the Wildabeast ImmaBeast Dance Reel

Social Blade Stats for WildaBeast Adams' Main YouTube Channel:

(Current as of 07/2017)

Video Uploads: 263
Video Views: 405M
Subscribers: 2M
Monthly Earnings: $1,500 - $23,400
Yearly Earnings: $21,7000 - $346,700

*Dollar amounts are estimates
**It is said the true amounts are somewhere in the middle (this is also my
confirmed personal experience for my own channel)
****These figures are ONLY the YouTube/Google Adsense earnings,
YouTubers tend to earn far more money from sponsorships & brand

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