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Will Spiderman be amazing???

Updated on August 2, 2015

The Web of Spider-Man

The last three Spider-Man movies have been disappointing, especially the last two. It was clear that those involved in the last two movies didn't really understand the characters and studio involvement hurt Spider-Man 3. I was elated to hear that Marvel would be involved going forward.

I didn't hate Amazing Spider-Man 2 as much as most fans. It's story was convoluted and the characters weren't on point but the action was decent and Spidey was kind of witty. The wit is what was missing from even the Sam Raimi directed movies. And I was impressed that they went through with the Gwen Stacey story. (I got chills in the theater when the web line goes out knowing what the outcome would be)

Neither the Electro or the Goblin stories were good. The Aunt May story didn't make sense. They tried to cram in Peter's parents as well, Although, other than dying, Peters mom didn't serve much purpose as he completely focuses on his father. The only part of the story that made sense to me was May's anger over his obsession.

Marvel has announced that they will skip the origin which I think is a great idea because we've already seen it twice. Plus he has one of the best known origins in comics and to put it on film again would just be redundant. They've said that the new movie would be heavy on the humor. We'll probably get a taste of that in Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel can now oversee the Spider-Man universe and make sure the look and feel is how it's supposed to be. Just look at the movies they've released so far. Yes, the action is big but the movie characters feel like the comic book characters. So, far, Spider-Man movies have had Spider-Man moments but the movie characters don't consistently feel like the comic book characters. Marvel can make sure that changes and possibly make a Spider-Man movie that is truly spectacular.


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