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Will The New Van Halen Album SUCK?

Updated on February 9, 2012

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE VAN HALEN. Holy shit, they rock. Then of course people ask me, do you like the "David Lee Roth" Van Halen or "Sammy Hagar" Van Halen? The answer depends on the day to be honest. I love both versions and appreciate them for what they delivered. Both versions created some of the most awesome and ground breaking music of our time. Granted, some of the songs didn't work but they were still pretty good.

The most obvious thing is that the stability in the band is shakier than the San Andreas Fault. Holy crap.

  • They started with Dave.
  • Then Dave left.
  • They got Sammy. Worked with Sammy for several years.
  • Got pissed at Sammy and started working with Dave again behind Sammy's back.
  • Sammy quit/got fired.
  • Worked with Dave for like a month until they got pissed at him.

  • Eventually hired Gary Charone from Extreme. They put out a HUGE piece of crap album.
  • He left.
  • They brought back Dave supposedly a bunch of times only to turn him away again.
  • Sammy came back for a tour.
  • He left again shortly thereafter.
  • They brought back Dave again, but left out bassist Michael Anthony.
  • Hired Eddie's son Wolfgang to play bass.

AND that brings us to current day. Whew.

A new album of new material is reported to be relleased February 7th, 2012 featuring Dave, and the Van Halen gang (Eddie, Alex, and Wolfgang). It is highly anticipated, and has some tremendous expectations. Can they pull off the magic again? Can they survive without the background vocals of Michael Anthony? Can they stand each other on tour again? Only time will tell. IF Eddie can stay off the booze. IF Dave can lay off being "Dave" and focus on the band. Then and only then do they stand a chance.

I hope they do, but my hopes are not high. And that makes me sad. Stay tuned.

The Review

Here is my review of the new record. Let's say it was way better than I thought it would be.


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    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      I think that you must be drinking Roth's bong water if you don’t think this cd absolutely sucks! Dave's voice is shot; the music is mediocre at best and repetitive.

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      I am a Sammy fan myself. David Lee Roth was fun, but too much about himself and not enough about the band. Hope the new album is good though.