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Will we see an end to Rocky Movies?

Updated on May 31, 2016

End of the Road for Rocky Balboa?

In the beginning.

Having watched Rocky movies, I have to admit that it is full of suspense and action. We had, so far, a series of these power-packed stories. Starting around 1976, a little known actor by the name of Sylvester Stallone wrote a script on Rocky. Bringing it to the screen on a low budget, this film winded up becoming a big box office hit. Stallone was inspired to write the story when he saw Muhammad Ali fight Chuck Wepner. Chuck Wepner gave Ali a tough fight. This gave Stallone the idea of creating Rocky.

I liked Rocky, It was a story of hope and encouragement. A guy who had no future when, suddenly, by a freakish stroke of fate, gets picked by Apollo Creed. Apollo is the reigning champion and wants to do something special to attract attention to his fight! So, since the fight is on Columbus day, he picks a guy with an Italian name and that is where the plot gets interesting.

This movie shows a gentle side of the Rock. On the outside, he is a tough and intimidating character, but on the inside, has a heart of gold. His manager Mick threw him out of his boxing club and told him never to come back. When Mick hears that Rocky got picked to fight Apollo, he comes begging him for a chance to train him. Sure, you could see that Rocky was hurt. Sure, you could see that he vented his frustrations on Mick. As you see the movie, you think that is it for Mick and good riddance! He had it coming, but all of a sudden, you see Rocky patching things up and agreeing to team up together for the fight.

The film had a romantic side, too. Rocky started to date Adrian (Talia Shire) and we see how the romance blossomed. Her crazy brother, Paulie, got them together. Paulie, also, was frustrated at times and even threatened to hit Rocky with a bat. Again, we see patience and kindness in the life of Rocky. It is easy to see how one can get endeared to such a nice guy.

As the fight approaches, Apollo Creed takes it in fun and stride. Meanwhile, Rocky is training hard and spends some time training in a Supermarket freezer beating a big piece of meat to develop strength. Mickey, his trainer, is using his past experience to sharpen his abilities and create endurance.When the fight comes, Apollo is, still, making light of his challenger and comes to the ring in an Uncle Sam outfit. Pointing his glove at the ring, he turns to Rocky and says---"I want you!"

Fight time starts and Apollo toys with his challenger.The turning point is when Rocky surprises him and drops him to the canvas. You start rooting for Rocky, the underdog, and hopes he scores a big win against his loud-mouth opponent. The suspense builds up and Rocky loses by a split decision. Both fighters vowing not to fight each other again-Classic cliffhanger!

The other Rocky movies.

Rocky II was, also, a great movie. It continued where it left off. Apollo having his pride hurt, wants another fight, but Rocky marries Adrian and quits boxing. He tries to make it in the labor force, but faces disappointment after disappointment. He tries to get a job doing commercials on TV, but he is limited because of his poor reading skills.

Finally, he gets a job in a Meat cutting plant. Long hours and hard work has Rocky coming home tired. When Rocky get laid off and sees that his money from his last fight is gone, He decides to make a comeback. Meanwhile, Adrian disagrees with his decision, but you feel for the Rock. His wife was pregnant. He was laid off from his job and was broke. One can understand why he would return to the ring. Training is hard for Rocky because of this problems at home.

The thing that gives this film a boost is when Adrian has complications from her pregnancy and her life is on the line. You see, Rocky, praying in the chapel for her recovery. God answers his prayers and she recovers. Rocky willing to please his wife, tells her that he will step down and not fight. The movie picks up when she says-WIN! I was at the theatre when she said that and the crowd went crazy!

To make a long story short, Rocky wins by a hair and is crowned the new Heavyweight Champion. Finished, right? No, it continued with a bunch of lackluster and predictable movies. The only thing that made Rocky III was the death of Mick, his manager, adding a sense of reality. Rocky IV, we saw the Grim Reaper visit Apollo Creed, which I admit was a surprise. Rocky V ends with a street fight, which in my opinion was an horrible end to it. By this time, we are saying-NO MORE! SPARE US!

Rocky Balboa.

Then, came Rocky Balboa. This movie was, predicatable, and you might have been praying-THIS IS IT! ROCKY IS GOING TO DIE! What happened? Old Man Rocky fights the heavyweight champion Mason Dixon. You have to see the movie to find out who wins, but it is predictable and Rocky lives!! Now, we hear that there is yet another movie to come out. Check out my movie trailer below and see. Who knows where this can lead to? Stay tuned.

Our Condolences!

Our condolences goes to Sylvester Stallone. A few years ago, he lost his son Sage. Sage acted with Stallone on a couple of movies, but the one he will always be remembered for is Rocky V. In it, he portrays Rocky's son. His acting in that movie was promising and it touched my heart. Our prayers are with you, Sylvester and thank you for bringing us many Rocky movies!

Creed----The latest.


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    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I'm a big Stallone fan and it that Rocky character and the supporting cast that makes the fisrt seveal so memorable. I do have the Vietman movie in my home collection and watch it from time to time too. Well siad here and I bet you'll have few that would disagree with your analysis. Up and awesome.