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William and Kate Wedding Memoralbila

Updated on September 4, 2012

The upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate is going to be the talk of the Spring. The engagement has got the world anxiously awaiting. Many are buying collectible items to commemorate the occasion. Here are featured some of the top commemorative items to celebrate this Royal Wedding. There are many items available from commemorative plates to mouse pads!

Aynsley Royal Engagement Prince William and Kate Middleton Crown Plate

The Ansley Royal Engagement Prince William and Kate Middleton Crown plate is one of the top collectors items.  The plate measures 10 inches and is made of fine bone China.  The pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton are encompassed by a delicate ornate frame.  Underneath the pictures are the Prince Williams and Kate's names.  Above the pictures it states. "To commemorate the Engagement of".  The out side of the plate has light blue and crowns around the edging. This can be bought separate or int a set.

Aynsley Royal Engagement Prince William and Kate Middleton Loving Cup

The Ashley Royal Engagement Loving cup has a similar pattern as the Royal engagement plate.  The cup is 3.5 inches tall.  It is made of fine bone China and has the pictures of William and Kate.  This Loving cup was made especially to commemorate the Royal Engagement!  It is trimmed in gold and has light blue lace.

Aynsley Royal Engagement Prince William and Kate Middleton Coaster

The Ansley Royal Wedding Coaster completes the set.  It also was made to commemorate the Royal Engagement.  This coaster is made of bone China and measures 4.5 inches wide. All three of these fine bone China comes gift boxed.

Aynsley Royal Engagement Prince William and Kate Middleton Mug

The Aynsley Royal Engagement Mug measures 3.75 inches tall.  It has the pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince William.  This mug is a part of the Aynsley collection.  It comes gift boxed. 

The Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Combo Commemorative Coffee cup makes a great gift for the royal enthusiast.   it is made of tempered glass that measures 3.75 inches high.  Featured on the cup is a picture of both Kate and Prince William together.  A crest with lion and unicorn surrounds the picture. It is made of very vibrant colors.

If you did not get an invitation to the Royal Wedding, don't fret!  You can get Prince William and Kate to come to your home!  This life size card board cut out stands up on it's own. This is perfect for parties or decoration!  It assembles easily in seconds.

This Decorative Throw Pillow with Royal Wedding Motif is very popular.  The Pillow is 20 inches by 20 inches. It is embroidered on felted wool.  It is  imported from the UK and comes with a feather pillow insert.  This commemorative piece is great on chairs or the sofa!

Here it is! The Ring that started it all!  This a replica of the ring that Kate Middleton received from Prince Harry!  This is made in china from Silverstone. The simulated Sapphire ring is set in prongs that is surrounded by simulated diamonds.   It comes in sizes 6 to 9.

The Royal Romance: Royal wedding commemorative ornament features the engagement picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The portrait is surrounded by gold trim. The bulk of the ornament is white.  At the top of the ornament are two strips of gold trim.  What you may not realize is that inside that gold trim is another picture.  This picture is of the sapphire engagement ring .  It is also surrounded in gold trim.  Look closely at the picture!  This is a very elegant piece of artwork. It is hung by a silk blue ribbon.

The Prince William and Kate Middleton commemorative coaster is in limited edition. The coaster is made of tempered glass and measures 3.75 inches wide. It printed with vibrant colors that does not fade. Makes a great gift for a Royal fan!  On the coaster it states To Commemorate the Wedding of HRH Prince William to Kate Middleton, with the date on either side.  This glass coaster is a collectors edition and supplies are running out!

The Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement Commemorative plaque souvenir contains the picture of Kate and Prince William printed on hardwood  white photo panel. The plaque is 8x 10 on an arched panel highlighted in blue. The wording states To commemorate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Place above their pictures are family crest.  At the bottom of the plaque is a yellow bow just below the date.

William & Kate: Celebrating a Royal Engagement [Hardcover]

The story of Prince William and Kate is told in the book William and Kate: Celebrating a Royal Engagement.  This 144 page book is full of illustrations.  The biography tells the tale of Kate Middleton and her romance with Prince William.  The author Robin Nunn is one of the world's topmost authorities on the Royal family.


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      Garnetbird 7 years ago

      Love the ring--the setting looks good in emerald also!