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Wind-River Review

Updated on December 8, 2017

Movie Review

Director : Talyor Sheridan

Cast : Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Kelsey Chow, Jon Bernthal, Graham Green, Gil Birmingham

Having Oscar nominated for the Best original Screenplay in the critically acclaimed Hell or high water, the 47 year old, Taylor Sheridan leaves no room for disappointment in his second endeavour as a director. This 1hr 51min long suspense thriller is slow-paced yet gripping in its robust plot unfolding with its each new character.

Wind river is a story that revolves around the death of a 18 year old girl, whose body is discovered amid the snowy town of Wyoming by Cory Lambert, a veteran tracker played by Jeremy Renner. He recognizes her as Natalie, the best friend of his teenage daughter and whose father is a dear friend(Gil Birmingham).Calling on to investigate the case is the rookie FBI agent Jane Banner played by Elizabeth Olsen. The two team up with the tribal police led by Stoic Chief, Graham Green, to unravel the mystery of this death which turns out be a murder. The two leading characters, Cory and Jane, are equals and at the same time complement each other with their camaraderie. The plot widens revealing new characters coming into picture with each trail of evidence steering the investigation in the land of Indian American reservation. Meanwhile, the qualms of Jane Banner regarding the ebullient involvement of Cory lambert in the case grows deeper. Could Cory be an accomplice or the real culprit or what personal interest does he carry in assisting the investigation? I will leave that for the audience to find out and not ruin this.

The movie abides by its pace throughout its run and leaves his audience guessing as to where the story is headed. It takes you on a ride showcasing the culture, emotions, helplessness of people thriving in the vast scrubby expanses of an abdicated land.

The strong punches of dialogues leave a moving, indelible impression on your mind which makes up for more than the insipid incessant action offered in other thrillers. The background music is subtle however, raises your pulse in every corner enlightening their probe. So, next time you hear the beat, brace yourself for another incoming delight. And since the director is himself an erudite screenwriter, needless to say that Taylor Sheridan has hit the nail on the head with this one. Some might not get impressed with the plot of the film as much, however, they will surely corroborate the fact that the way that it has been delivered is brilliant.

Coming to the actors, it’s a breath of fresh air for Jeremy Renner fans to see him in this role who is engulfed with Marvel films. The nascent actor, Elizabeth Olsen, quite beautifully fills in the shoes of an inchoate FBI agent. Graham Green with his sulky face, blase impressions and heavy voice convinces you that he is the real chief of the tribal police in Wyoming. Gil Birmingham, having played similar roles in Twilight series, is persuasive in the role of an aggrieved father and shares crucial scenes with Jeremy.

This feature film is packed with solid perfomances and an appalling climax, suprising enough to make you clinch your seats, and make you wonder as in what is going to happen next. Goes without saying that it’s a must watch for all the Talyor Sheridan fans who must be eagerly looking forward to his next venture, Solado, coming out in 2018.

My rating: 8.6/10

By : Raghav Kumar


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    • profile image

      Pat Mills 

      10 months ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      This was one of the best films I saw this summer. I'm definitely interested in what Sheridan does next. I'm glad you liked this one, too.


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