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Winnie-the-Pooh (2011): Disney Makes another Movie Classic

Updated on July 22, 2011

I soooooo love the newly released Winnie-the-Pooh movie. I know I’m suppose to write a review without being biased – but Winnie-the-Pooh movies always win me over. I am a huge Piglet fan and he has a part in the movie that is so cute while irritating Rabbit (but then what doesn’t irritate Rabbit?).

There are two stories going on in this lovable movie. Christopher Robin is assumed to be captured by the “backsoon” monster and there is a grand prize of honey for whoever can find a suitable replacement for Eyeore’s tail. Our Hundred Acre Wood friends set up a trap for the “backsoon” which traps them instead of the monster. And this is where the most lovable scene in the movie takes place.

Piglet is the only one that didn’t fall in the trap (which is a very deep hole in the ground) and is asked by Rabbit to find something that can help them out. So our adorable Piglet goes and gets a flower about as tall as him. Of course Rabbit tells him about his error and asks why don’t you get something a little longer? So Piglet goes and gets a thick book and explains it’s a very long read (and Pooh agrees). Rabbit’s frustration begins to grow, especially when Piglet says there’s some rope beside him. Rabbit asks Piglet is it enough for everyone? Piglet thinks thoughtfully and then begins to count all the friends in the hole. Then you hear snipping and then see six pieces of rope tossed on the side of the hole with a very proud Piglet beaming above. I was dying from laughter in the movie theater during the scene, probably more so than my five year old.

Besides that awesome scene, the movie closely follows the original 1977 classic ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’. The movie opens in Christopher Robin’s room, the Winnie-the-Pooh storybook opens up, the moving Hundred Acre Wood map with theme song appears, the narrator and characters talk back and forth to each other, the letters become animated and move across the story book, interacting with the characters – they really did do a great job mimicking the original movie.

I couldn’t find a single flaw in this movie. It is just a great cheery movie that both my son and I enjoyed. I’ve already set myself a reminder to buy it as soon as it is released!


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