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Wizard of OZ

Updated on May 17, 2015

Wizard of OZ


Favorite movie:

The Wizard of Oz, reach me on all levels in life and even on a simple forms of music, dance and visuals. It's a good reason to bring together the child and the adult, set in a Beautiful story that will lasted the test of time.

Life is a journey with many dangers and opportunities, with a few challenges of balancing work for the rest of our lives. People really are seeking an informal worship service outside themselves for solutions and distractions. The Yellow brick road has no boundaries and spiritual strength is our integrity insight. It awakens when one is willing to connects with the divine and confront the unknowns.

It connects within us and our life journey that is forever expanding. Each foot step followed those footsteps onto the seemingly endless freeway seeking a better life. The American Dream can become a nightmare of massive consumer fraud ... Wicked Witch of the East wants revenge and holds Dorothy accountable in life and growth, as the world seemly has a feeling of an unchanging reality. It’s about Humanity story, that journey an awakening community of conscious minded of healing. Visionary individuals seeking solutions for living in life!

On our soul journey, either in our real world life journey as the Wizard notice is becoming of age by his thinning hair. A key moments in my life, he confronts the challenges into our deeper, inner wisdom of reflection.

Wizard of OZ has a journey in life and seeking balance. Tin man seeking a heart, the Lion courage, Scare Crow a brain.

My strength is the lion’s courage and I imagination I was the scare crow seeking a brain, oddly enough the scare crow came up with most of the ideas along the journey.

What is your strength and what are you seeking?


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    • Castlepaloma profile image

      Castlepaloma 7 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      You do have beautiful heart, and your seeking a brain like me.

      My strengh is courage, sometime over the top, but have enough brains not to harm or kill myself.

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 7 years ago from New Zealand

      My strength is heart. I seek more brains to manage the heart.

    • Castlepaloma profile image

      Castlepaloma 7 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      My Sand Castle was an indoor world record, did you notice the frog and the prince.

      What is your strength lion, tin man, or scare crow and what are you seeking for courage, heart or brains?

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 7 years ago from New Zealand

      I love the depths in this story. It is truly an inspiring journey. We are all like the lion, the tinman and the scarecrow at some stage in our journey. Sometimes we all have to revisit the yellow brick road too! To remember our wholeness is a journey in itself.

      How it was portrayed in the story makes it all the more fun and exciting unlike many other roads. They sometimes are less appealing because of all the rules.

      Excellent hub! Thanks didn't see this one before!

      Oh and is that one of your creations too! My gosh if it is, it is magnificent!


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