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Witch Hunt on the Australian DJ Prank

Updated on December 10, 2012

It was a radio DJ prank gone woefully bad- a nurse who took the prank call from the DJ's in Australia simply allowed the call to go throw. Jacintha Saldanha, the 46-year-old nurse who put the prank call through to the ward where the duchess was, later killed herself.

Would had anyone foreseen this extreme event from occurring? What reasonable person could have foreseen someone killing themselves simply by allowing the call to go to Kate Middleton? Now, there is talk of the filing charges against the two DJ's, the network their show was on has been terminated. They have made a televised tearful apology showing the impact on themselves.

As tragic as this is, a nurse whose job skills were excellent, committed suicide after the incident and she was chastised by her employer. The day that it occurred, even the DJ's were stunned the nurse sent the call to Kate. Clearly, there was no malice on their part and the prank yielded extreme results that no reasonable person would even consider.

Why the nurse killed herself will remain a mystery. Was this event the "straw that broke her"? What other issues\problems were there lurking in her life that were of great concern? Was she thinking of suicide before this? Was she unstable?

The witchhunt in the media for the two DJ's is seeking revenge and blood. I contend, as tragic as the incident is, the DJ's are innocent. They are not directly responsible for the nurse's death. What normal person would kill commit suicide simply by believing a phone call was legitimate? Few, if any, even if were for a King. Kate only just became royalty, all of a sudden, she has to be treated differently? I think the royalty in the UK are the problem.

Yes, the nurse was embarrassed and the media made this worse, but that indicates the nurse was overly upset by this to an extreme. Somewhere in her personality the shame was overwhelming.

Understanding why she took her own life over this stupid thing, a thing that was just an error because she believed it was legitimate, indicates something else was really tormenting her. The DJ's are innocent and the British media should end the witch hunt.


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