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Album Review: "Human" By Tampa Florida Death Metal Band Called Death

Updated on June 4, 2021
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Chuck Schuldiner is at the center of this photo.
Chuck Schuldiner is at the center of this photo. | Source

The songs that are on the album called Human

  1. "Flattening of Emotions"
  2. "Suicide Machine"
  3. "Together as One"
  4. "Secret Face"
  5. "Lack of Comprehension"
  6. "See Through Dreams"
  7. "Cosmic Sea" (instrumental)
  8. "Vacant Planets"

The members that play on the album Human and the album's lyrical themes

Tampa Florida based death metal band called Death showed why they were one of the best bands in the genre in 1991 with the release of their 4th studio album called Human. The album features Paul Masvidal (guitars) and Sean Reinart (drums) from the band Cynic. Steve Digiorgio of the band Sadus plays the bass guitar. Chuck Schuldiner had one of the most audible voices in the death metal genre. The album addresses themes such as life, human nature, and the mysteries surrounding life.

The song called "Suicide Machine"

Human: How Does the Album Begin?

The first song "Flattening of Emotions" is basically about pondering the mysteries of life. Sometimes what may seem like a picture perfect life can go wrong for someone Emotions can take over a person and they are scrambling, figuring out what to do to turn their life around. There are lots of uncertain things in life and we must prepare for them. However, the thundering sound of the drums sets the tone for this song. The song begins with drumming by Sean Reinert as the song builds up into a death metal song as the song also discusses that we sometimes hear voices that are not there even though we think that we heard them.

A human being lifting weights. The album's lyrical themes center around issues having to do with humans.
A human being lifting weights. The album's lyrical themes center around issues having to do with humans. | Source

Human: Songs 2 Through 4 Including the Song "Secret Face"

The next excellent song called "Suicide Machine" is about a person that is in pain and terminally ill and they want to die with dignity. One of the most difficult decisions to make for a terminally ill person is whether to take them off of life support and have their life end or not. It is true that the ones who suffer have no voice. By this time in their history, the band Death shows their greatness because Schuldiner’s voice is audible enough and the songwriting is absolutely superb! Once again, terrific guitar work by Schuldiner is present leaving listeners like me in awe. "Together as One" is about how two people are different yet they are so similar as well. They both have a heart, mind, and soul. That soul of ours contains a lot of our wisdom and intellect. "Secret Face" is a song about the fact that just because a person acts a certain way that does not mean that they are good enough to trust. There may be a social mask that they may wearing to absorb how they really are as a person on the inside.

The song called "See Through Dreams"

Analysis of the Songs See Through Dreams, Cosmic Sea and Vacant Planets

"See Through Dreams" is another outstanding song on the album filled with heavy riffing, melody, and the idea that out thoughts have lots of power. It is through these thoughts that actions are taken, events take place in our life and memories are formed and given this identity. Many of us take certain things for granted though we should not. The instrumental song "Cosmic Sea" has some electronic elements in it. Those of you that read my review of the album Cybergore by the band Avulsed will be familiar by what is meant by the term. The album ends with "Vacant Planets," one of the best songs in the band’s history. Human is a terrific album and one of the best in the whole genre of death metal. This writer gives this album a perfect 100 out of 100 points. Though I don’t usually do this, the album is deserving of that score because of the audible vocals, great heavy riffs, and sometimes Middle Eastern sounding and awesome lead guitar work. Chuck’s guitar mastery would continue on the 1993 album Individual Thought Patterns. Kudos to one of the best bands to ever come out of the United States!

The Song Called "Flattening of Emotions"

Favorite Song on the Album Human

What is your favorite song on the album Human?

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The song called "Vacant Planets"

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© 2016 Ara Vahanian


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