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Withdrawal Symptoms - A Short Comedy

Updated on October 13, 2012

A Lighter Look At The Dark Side of Quitting Smoking

Ever tried to quit smoking? It's hell, but there are many, many places that will offer help. Poor 'Smokey', the main character of this film does it the old fashioned way - sheer willpower and determination.

My friends and I made this film for a short film competition.

The final scene in this video took us a record 14 takes! We just couldn't quite get it right, and we freaked out a few neighbours along the way, which is always fun.

I had to upload this as a link to YouTube because I couldn't load it from my own DVD.


Where Is Coffs Harbour?

We entered it in The 'Cool Bananas' Film Festival which was held in Coffs harbour, Australia way back in 2003. We won the 'Audience Choice' award, the prize was double pass to Movie World (which is in another state) which we couldn't get time off for, sadly, and gave them to a friend. I've still never been to Movie World!


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