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Journey Through Music An Introduction to to K-pop

Updated on November 15, 2012

K-Pop School

IF you are new to K-pop or a Long time fan, their may be certain things in K-pop you don't understand. Like the meanings behind maknae or visual, Lead, main, sub: vocals, dancer, and rapper, Oppa, Unnie, Hyung, Noona. All these terms may be confusing to you, so I have started a web series on youtube, airing every Wednesday on these topics if you are interested please visit this link and please to subscribe for the lastest updates on K-pop School!

The world is such a seemingly large place, their aren't enough hours, weeks, or years to explore every nook and cranny of it, and their isn't enough money for most people to enjoy it if they could. There is an easier way to explore the world with out such costly expenses, and it is simply through music.

Music touches the soul of every person who comes in contact with it. It is also a way to explore the world around you. In recent months one specific genre of world music has been passed around the world and has become quite infectious.

K-pop or Korean pop has swept the world by storm from Brazil, Germany, Australia, and even the USA. The countries that K-pop has hit are non Korean speaking countries, yet through the musicality of the artists and some great music videos many people have bypassed the language barrier and wholeheartedly taken in the music.

Compilation of K-Pop Album Covers
Compilation of K-Pop Album Covers

What is K-pop?

K-pop as it has been explained by many of the major music companies in Korea, is the fusing of pop elements from Japan and the United States, and creating a fresh approach to the pop world.

K-pop has many different elements within the pop atmosphere such as: rap,hip-hop and hook elements. Each group also has a concept, a color, and an official fan club. All these elements are put together, along with great PR,and with a few good looking people with minimal to expert knowledge at singing come together to form k-pop groups.

Where can You Find K-pop?

Don't fret if their is not a Korean market close to where you live. There are a lot of other avenues to finding K-pop music and artists. For instance Youtube is loaded with thousands of dedicated fans of the K-pop world who post music video's of their favorite artists songs. You can also find many different news sites that report on all things K-pop such as

Where To Start

For many people trying to get into a new genre of music is hard enough, but trying to get into one where you don't even understand what they are saying can be a lot more intimidating. So to you the readers let me jump start your search with some suggestions.

Some things you might see floating around the internet are mentions of the big 3. Now despite what it sounds like these are only the three major companies of musical acts in Korea. They are SM, JYP and YG. These are good places to start when looking into artists.

SM Entertainment has produced some of the most notable acts from Korea such as Super Junior and Girls Generation. The music from this company is usually standard pop with a few dance and club elements.

JYP Entertainment has produced two of the most notable acts to come to America. The first attempt being Rain, who is on hiatus due to the fact that he is serving his mandatory military service. Still Check him out he is an R&B singer who was voted Time magazines most influential person of 2010 and 2011. The second recognizable act of JYP is a five member female group called The Wonder girls. The Wonder Girls recently aired their Nickelodeon movie premiere The Wonder Girls at the Apollo.

YG Entertainment is home to the more edgy artists in K-pop. 2ne1 is an all female hip hop group. They show great skills in rapping, and amazing vocal talent. 2ne1 is currently working on their first American album with The second and probably most explosive group of the big three is Big Bang. This five member male group, has shown great skill in their rapping, and unique style of hip hop.

These are just a few of many artist and entertainment companies, so go out and explore as many as you can. Let the doors open to your exploration of the world through the many music wonders.


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