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William Levy, The Latino Brad Pitt

Updated on January 22, 2015

After making a video clip with Jeniffer Lopez, William Levy jumped to popularity for his looks, physical appeal and charming personality. Born in El Cojimar, Cuba on August 29, 1980, Levy started his career as a young model. His maternal grandfather is Jewish and he emigrated in 1994 to the U.S. Way before acting, dancing and modeling, William was a promising Baseball player who studied Business Administration. Taking acting schooling between Miami and L.A. William was spotted by Mexican Telenovelas producers, like Carla Estrada.

His first Telenovela role was given by an international co-production: Venevision and partner network Univision gave life to 'No te olvidare,' or I won't forget you. He was invited later by Televisa to star in his first Mexican Soap Opera called 'Pasion.' Perseverance and and athletic profile, opened more doors for subsequent roles.

Levi's agency introduced him to Jenifer Lopez, who was going to shoot part of her video in Mexico, back in 2011. She casted him for her video clip 'I'm into you' and you can see them in the video how well they did together. There were rumors, as usual, that Levi started her divorce but we never came to a final verdict. Just a thought now... seems that J-Lo chose a younger lover after her split. Did she push some buttons and never got an answer? Did Levy separated from her Wife with some intentions...that never came to a past?

How can you deal with a handsome Husband?

William Levy acted in a dozen of Novelas and got involved with Elizabeth Gutierrez, whom he met in 2003. Gossiping, pictures, tweeter and technology caught up with some infidelities toward his spouse. In may of 2011, Elizabeth had enough and sent a message to the media, "I want to protect the integrity of my own family and my own motherhood state. We have tried so hard to keep our relationship, but we decided to fill out the papers for our divorce." Sounded like Demi Moore, or maybe these lawyers have pre-made statements in their computer files.

William Levy is single again, but for how long? His sultry background and powerful style in acting, can attract any... we mean, any super model toward him. Just remember, in the next couple of years, William will be among the 'die hard' godly Actors, and we see it coming.


Since joining the Dancing with the stars cast. This Latino Heartthrob, has caused more than a whirlwind. Being born in Cuba, where music is sung on the streets like we do play our baseball, Levy has shown, that Latinos are really hot inside and out. He is already setting fan's hearts aflutter on Season 14 of DWTS.

ABC Studios; Our interview: (on a break)

Lord: Hola amigo mio...

What's up William? Don't worry we speak Spanish tambien.

LEVY: Hahaha, Hi! Tu eres Cubano, Senor? (are you Cuban Lord?) How are you?

LORD: Seems that after your separation, things have changed in your life William...

LEVY: I'm a public figure, and I knew from the beginning that my life was going to be rough. We all go through this, right?

LORD: You are right William. Going directly to the point of my questions. Seems that DWTS finally put you on main stream America, amigo...?

LEVY: After a hiatus and seeing on TV myself, I went in and auditioned. The judges were impressed. My grandfather used to dance that Perez Prado Mambo back in Cuba and I was blessed to be able to rehearse that inherited that cha-cha swing from the Island.

LORD: FYI we can dance some Latino rhythms...Just ask Martie, never mind..!

LEVY: En serio? (for real?). Oh my...

LORD: Going back to our conversation. Judge Bruno Tonioli called you "the hottest package of the season." Are you narcissist? How do you get along with Cheryl Burke, your partner.

LEVY: I take care of my body. I'm a Baseball player in disguise. I'm not a narcissist, is just me. I was used to exercise a lot back at Saint Thomas University, and I think i did good (showing his biceps). Chery has been very supportive and is a magnificent dancer. She likes the way I take the Rhythm and we get along very well. Did I answer well?

LORD: Oh, yeah. We cannot go in much details, you know..?

LEVY: What do you mean? Hahaha!

LORD: No nothing, just kidding. You did have two kids with ex-wife Liz Gutierrez. Do you get to see your kids?

LEVY: One sacred thing, as a Latino, is the way we care about our kids. We have joint custody, and we take care of them. When I'm in Mexico at Televisa or Los Angeles, I always keep in touch with them. Our separation is a different story. Elizabeth is the mother of my two kids Christopher Alexander, who was born in 2006, and our princess daughter, Kailey Alexandra, who was born in 2010.

LORD: It's been a pleasure William and I wish the best on the DWTS show. Thanks!

LEVY: Nice to meet you too! And (shaking hands) thanks for making me laugh! You are hilarious Lord.


Some of Levy's Telenovelas


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